US to Send 2,500 Soldiers to German-Controlled Area

Afghanistan Surge
US to Send 2,500 Soldiers to German-Controlled Area

By Matthias Gebauer

German troops patrolling near Kunduz in December.
Germany continues to discuss what to do about its mission in Afghanistan. The US, meanwhile, has decided to send 2,500 soldiers to Kunduz, the region under German command in the northern part of the country. The move is sure to increase the pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

The visits made by Stanley McChrystal as 2009 changed to 2010 were primarily of a symbolic nature. The US general, head of all NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, flew by helicopter to all corners of the country to thank his troops -- particularly in those areas where the situation is most precarious.

But this year, his trip didn't just lead him to those regions in the south and east which have long been instable. The four-star general spent an entire day in Kunduz, the German-controlled region in northern Afghanistan, once known for its relative stability but now descending ever further into violence. The visit made it clear once again that McChrystal is keeping close tabs on developments there.
Indeed, McChrystal's concern has crystallized into concrete orders. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE, the US army is to station 2,500 additional troops in Kunduz and the rest of the North as soon as possible:
This move could lead to a bit of tension. The Boxheeds are very serious about what they do and it's quite possible that they won't take kindly to the rather "looser" attitude of the Septics. Still, time will tell.


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