US to Provide Lethal aid to Syrian Rebels

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. I am going to guess that the US won't be sending light arms and ammunition to a region awash with light arms and ammunition, where the beneficiary are in desperate need of heavy arms and ammunition. Would it also be wise to guess that some of those who will be supplied will have had previous experience of war, fighting against US troops in Iraq?

    If this is the case it would seem that the US government has learned nothing about the dangers of supplying weapons to Islamic fighters and how they can turn round and bite you in the ass.

    Maybe it is time for the Western Powers to disengage.
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  2. Well feck me, if all it takes to set Barack off on a course of action is a bit of name calling, can you tell him Kirchner thinks he's gay?
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  3. Well said!
  4. Bearing in mind how they fucked up the 'Mexican AK47' attempt, if they were serious about it, why not keep quiet, make deniable purchases of non-attributable wpns on the open market and supply them covertly? Bread-and-butter stuff for the CIA, surely? It's still a stupid idea though - how much did they spend on trying to retrieve all those Stingers and Blowpipes?
  5. They were Ak47s but your point is spot on.

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  6. It's not like there are good guys and bad guys in Syria, all are bad. Best thing would be to sit back and let them kill each other off.
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  7. Why is Saudi Arabia not assisting? If it is as claimed a Sunni/Alawite/Shia dispute then surely the countries in the region whose population is made up of these groups should be the ones to take action either directly or indirectly or is this just a form of US appeasement in order to keep the threat of Islamic extremism happy at every opportunity, while this administration is in power?
  8. You called it!
  9. Appeasement? Surely not by our current administration (see I didn't use "Masters" out of deference to some of my critics who find my use of the term irritating in spite of its accuracy).

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  10. It's OK folks, apparently Tony Blair has announced that the Syrians are DEFFO using WMD, so it's all right to go in and sort them out. The Americans are 'certain' that there's a risk of said, Blair-certified WMD, getting into the hands of terrorists, or 'turruss' to use the proper term.

    It's like one of those episodes of Star Trek where they're caught in a temporal loop.
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  11. It is. SA and Qatar have been funnelling Croatian weapons to JAN for the past few months. The US involvement, such as it is, is to shore up the supposed secularist FSA elements to prevent a JAN takeover of the north and east. The FSA and JAN are already squaring up against each other; this is probably too little too late.

    Edit: to put this another way, this is the US trying to outflank their supposed Gulf allies, or at least, put the least worst elements in a position to hold their ground. The whole thing's a ******* mess.
  12. I can't believe the US's stupidity (well I can actually). How is it they cannot learn from past f•ck ups like this, but in this case it's so obvious. They may as well be giving the weapons straight to al Qaeda as well.
    Let the syrian sort their own sh•t out. Interfering is just going to end in tears.
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