US to probe pre-war intelligence

The Bush administration is to announce an independent inquiry into the use of intelligence material to justify the war in Iraq, say senior US officials.

They said details would be given by President Bush early this week.

Pressure for an inquiry has grown since the former chief US weapons inspector, David Kay, said Iraq appeared to have no weapons of mass destruction.

Mr Bush had earlier opposed such an inquiry, but was under pressure from Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

The commission is expected to include members of both parties, as well as outside experts and will be given a timeline of next year to report back.

"The president wants a broad, bipartisan and independent review of our intelligence, particularly relating to weapons of mass destruction and counter-proliferation efforts," said a senior Bush administration official.

"We need a commission that not only looks back but looks ahead at ways we can improve our intelligence-gathering to meet the new and dangerous threats we face today," Reuters news agency quoted officials as saying.

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Now its time for Teflon Tony , to have one, with no restrictions and let the truth come out.

I won't hold my breath.

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