US to OK Cloned Meat

The EU is studying the possibility of doing the same. Furthermore, meat intended for human consumption and coming from cloned animals will not be labeled as such. These cloned animals have also been genetically modified.


A further link, from the horse's mouth:


Interestingly, sheep are not included, while cows, pigs and goats are. Probably it's because the British hold the sheep patent?

There was insufficient information for the agency to reach a conclusion on the safety of food from clones of other animal species, such as sheep.
The good news is, when you rub your stomach appreciatively after youve finished your steak and say 'Eee, that were lovely, I could eat that again', you can.
Funny how GM modified and or cloned foods always get 'bad press' when there are plenty of people on this planet who would gladly eat a 'mutant' cow.

People should get over themselves the cattle etc we already eat are already GM have been for years. Selective breeding & hormone additives have seen to that.

I doubt you would want to eat a 'natural' cow circa 16th century it would probably resemble a badly diseased thing having a bad day!

The medical benefits that GM cloning etc will bring are not to be under estimated; how many soliders will be saved by having a spare set of lungs/kidneys etc 'on ice' waiting for them circa 2050?

My 'gripe' about GM foods etc is the patents that the big companies will take out on them, so whilst in reality GM could help feed the starving masses it won't cos they'll never be able to afford it!
Guys we've all been eating cats, apparently, from Chinkies for years!

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