US to Iran: Accede or be attacked

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IndependentBoffin, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. US 'tells Russia to warn Iran of last chance' - Telegraph
    'US warns Iran: Accede or be att... JPost - Iranian Threat - News

    A very interesting change from the worn "all options are on the table" rhetoric.

    It can't be said the US is rushing into another Middle Eastern war this time. Iran has had so many chances to change course and crossed too many red lines.

    I don't think the US is bluffing this time. There is an explicit timescale and consequence in this threat, and that it was conveyed in plain view means that the US will have zero credibility if the time comes and they don't follow through.

    In other news, petrol is now 140p/L in the Tescos near to me :(
  2. Cough"Election Year!"Cough.
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  3. 140p/L? The thieving *****!
  4. Fuel duty and VAT on the same product is just a perverse socialist construct.

    The government should just bite the bullet, and try for 1 year, to have zero fuel duty and see how it affects the economy. And cut back on the welfare/benefits state in the meantime to balance the loss in revenue.
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  5. Should i start taking my NAPS tablets now then? and dust of the auto injectors??
  6. It,ll all be over by Christmas.
  7. still 135/l in tescos near me :)
  8. God bless America, we'll have cheap Diesel after this just mark my words. Now we need to get spending under control so we'd better tell them to trot along themselves.
  9. the US wont do anything until the election is over but they've already motioned to israel that they believe it has the right to take unilateral action to defend itself which is as good as giving it the green light for support after the fact.
  10. The Americans can get stuck in if they like but I think it's time Cameron told them they'll be doing it without us tagging along.

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  11. And the Ark Royal and Harriers will be mentioned in 5,4,3,2,1
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  12. If only we had the Ark and six ground attack Harriers
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  13. And with the US economy still fragile Barry would just love to see a big hike in oil prices before November, which is what would happen if we actually attacked Iran and the speculators went ape.

    Not necessarily a killer for a second term but unhelpful even in a run against the likes od Santorum. On CNN Swing state watch: Where do gas prices hit hardest?.

    Course he needs to balance that against Bibi staging a rogue attack with the AIF's nukes and more importantly the considerable clout of the Israel lobby has in his base, hence the sabre rattling. I'd not read much into the Russians mobilizing their military and hyping up their Zionist blackmail story, that's just Putin sending a message.
  14. Given the dodgy state of our economy, and the cutbacks on our military, I think we would just "get in the way" of a US/Israeli attack on Iran.

    Rear Adm. Massimo Annati, Military Technology, Nov 2011 (pg 65)

    We may have a few cruise missiles and land-based aircraft, but we don't have much power projection capabilities left.
  15. Naps and bats here get ya naps and bats heeeeeera