US to Abandon 7 PBs/FOBs in Sangin

The Times today is carrying the story that during the handover from British forces this autumn the US are to radically change the strategy in Sangin and abandon 7 bases (not yet named in the media) in order to adopt 'a more agile patrol posture', reducing the number of locations they permanently man to 6 and handing many others back to ANA/ANP only control. As the 3 Rifles BG were the ones who changed the dynamic from large FOBs to smaller lightly manned PBs in order to live closer to the populace and dominate more ground during H11 I wonder what the reaction to this move will be? I seem to remember the PB building and all that went with it were the main efforts for H11 in Sangin, along with embedded partnership and the aspiration that every location would now be joint. This feels like a step back in time to H9 and 10 and a knee jerk reaction by the americans to having to tie their troops to so many bits of real estate.

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Seem to remember that at the time of OP TELIC 1, US forces (82nd Airborne Div, I think) were carrying out an Air Assault into Sangin, or possibly area around it. No doubt they will change their force laydown as they see fit, and we should become blinkered by what we (Brit forces) ended up looking like in the Sangin area as this is still an evolving situation. i don't expect it to look anything like it was when I last left when I go back.....
Nice to know that this has wasted the efforts of A Coy 4 RIFLES (attached to 3 RIFLES) Oct 09-Apr 10 after spending so much time dominating the ground - and losing 4 soldiers in the process (I won't even get started on the life changing injuries sustained).

Clearly the slick Rifle mentality of effective fires ((Snipers each dropping circa x100 Terry during the tour) reducing mass Mortar blitz and therefore the risk of collateral damage) is not the American way.

Give it 10 months and Sangin will probably be a much smaller district!
The population know full well that British and American forces will leave at some point in the next few years. They're much more likely to believe that the ANA will stay. For that reason, it may well make sense that the ANA are manning the FOBs and doing the lion's share of patrols.

It's a stab in the dark as I'm relatively clueless, but the yanks (eventually) proved in Iraq that they know what they're doing.
Well said deltadog - we can't assume this is a step backwards.

The article headlines we are abandoning the pb's but then goes on describe handing them over. Two very different things.

After all the toil involved in establishing these pb's on H11 I'd be disappointed to see them simply abandoned but I suspect this is just scumy journalists trying to create an issue

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