US-Style Jet For Premier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. From Sky News

    I have no idea about the truthfulness of this statement, but whilst I'm not so anti-Blair / anti-New Labour that I expect our Prime Minister and Ministers of State to travel by EasyJet, if these planes are to be for the sole use of the PM, on the face of it this does appear to be another attempt to make the office of the Prime Minister appear more presidential.
  2. I have read that the jet will not be delivered until 2008 at the earliest...hopefully too late for the lying war criminal who currently occupies No 10.

    By the way, the Bliars are off to a certain Egyptian Red Sea resort for their Christmas break according to the Mail on Sunday...wonder how long it will be before the destination is expected to be a state secret.
  3. No doubt the Great Deceiver, the Wide-Mouthed Frog and their unholy spawn will expect to be transported by RAF a/c for the same price as a BA economy ticket. Again.
  4. Now why can't I get that sort of deal to get me home for Christmas? :roll:
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Blair Force One!!!! I'm sure he likes the title President Blair better that Prime Minister Blair.Especially standing next to his lover,good 'ol G.W.B!
  6. Based on that principle and the amount of MMA I claim, travel warrant I use and duty journeys I undertake on my own, can uncle Gordon please provide me with my own personal white fleet car (nothing too flashy - a BMW will do). I am sure he won't mind Mrs O and the little O's using it for their business trips either.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Would that be with or without towbar for the optional caravan & jetski package at no extra cost,Sir? :D
  8. Caravan? Wash your mouth out!
  9. Isn't this what the Queen's Flight chappies are for? :?:
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You dont expect President Blair to slum it,do you? :lol:
  11. But they haven't got anything long range why not buy one of those nice airbuses at least some of the tax payers money would come back to this country :) .How about a spectre gunship he is so keen on wars he could join in with one of those ,But, who could
    live with the shame of blair force one pulling you out of the shite ?

    R.e the shuttle worth collection .How dare they have a chipmunk in their collection its not that old i flew in one of those when i was a cadet .next they will be puttinglee enfield . 303 and bren guns in museums :oops: oh bugger .
  12. BBC on-line is reporting this as well:
    Prime minister 'to get air fleet'

    Nothing new, though. This idea was going the rounds when John Major was in the chair.

    "Sir Peter Gershon, the government's efficiency adviser, has been asked to examine the most cost effective way of updating the Royal Flight fleet. "

    With the final parapragph of the Beeb piece:
    "The Chancellor is said to feel the project's costs should not be a current priority for the Treasury. If the Cabinet Office and Foreign Office do not want to shell out, the venture is set to be put on hold."

    Note, no mention of the Palace - so headline "Prime Minister to get air fleet" looks about right, and to hell with the Royal Flight!
  13. AIUI This is to replace what is in the Queen's Flight at the moment (well according to the Sunday Times).
    Wonder if they'll go the whole 9 yards and make it a UK version of Nightwatch/NEACP?
  14. Aye, me too. I may be wrong but I think they probably have it as a trainer for 'tail-draggers'. Not many folk get the chance to practice on tail-wheel aircraft, these days, so it would make sense to have a dual control type, like a Chipmunk, that isn't quite so irreplaceable as, say, a Swordfish.

    As for T Bliar, couldn't they just boot him off a cliff, as in that old Monty Python sketch, and shout, 'FLY!' :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: