US stuck with Guantanamo Bay Prison

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lesleycape, May 21, 2008.

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  1. From BBC news

    It seems that the Americans have got fed up with the whole Guantanmo Bay fiasco, but can't close (according to the US Defence Secretary Gates) because the inmates upon return to their home countries may become terrorists again! :oops:

    Perhaps if they'd have thought of that if the 1st place, and actually tried and convicted them of terrorist acts under US law then they wouldn't have this problem. :roll:

    Oh! I forgot, they couldn't charge them under US law because they actually didn't have sufficient EVIDENCE to convinct them. :wink:

    Anyone idea's what the US should do now?

    Answers on a postcard to...
  2. This simply goes to show the utter incompetence of the Bush Administration in handling this entire business. The answer to this issue is extremely simple. They should use extraordinary rendition to transport them to a 3rd World country and inform the authorities that the US government does not want to hear of these people ever again....
  3. Return them to their Countries of Origin, before Afghanistan, the Security Services of those countries might like to have a 'word'.
    Other than that let the majority of them go, as they are only guilty of being rounded up for the bounty.
  4. Wait until next year and it's someone else's problem.
  5. Offer them jobs in the kitchens at Camp David.
  6. Why not send them to the UK as one of them might have stopped here on his hols one year before becoming a jihadist?....oopps too late, we already have let some in.
  7. Nuke themselves and start all over again?

    A more hands-on way of doing Control-Alt-Delete.

    That way, there will be no worries about former inmates turning against them because of course, there will be nothing to turn again.


    Or they could make the inmates senators...give them a stake in the country so to speak...I've heard crazier things and this might just work.
  8. I suppose they could also sell it to Disney - all the inmates could get jobs working as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - or are those jobs already taken by the clowns in the Bush Administration! :wink:
  9. BAA are recruiting more security guards at Heathrow. Maybe we could offer some of these gentlemen jobs....................
  10. Stick some kind of tracking device up their arrses and let them lead us to their bolt hole. Better yet some kind of long distance remote explosive.
  11. Sounds like a cunning plan. 8)

    However, I'm sure the Yanks would still somehow manage to 'accidently' bomb the Chinese Embassy in a neighbouring country. :p
  12. LOL that was so funny (Serbia right?). Regrets for loss of life etc but the idea of some gum chewing redneck at 30,000 feet getting his maps mixed up and zapping the Chinks was funny. God were they angry!

    :x :x :x
  13. You really are an unpleasant little grease stain, aren't you Annakey? As long as someone's criticising the spams, or Thatcher, or espousing some sort of pinko cack you're happy as a sand boy.

    Why not pop off to your own little proletarian Nirvana, and stop bothering people who live in the real world.
  14. they could have a realy bad fire caused by accident solves the problem of the naughty boys and gets rid of the jail. not that im for it of course.
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Shoud've shot the fukcers on the battlefield
    I mean how many innocent holidaymakers and sheep herders are just wandering past during a battle

    Worked in Vietnam :wink: