US State Dept Briefing on Private Security Misconduct I Afg

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. This relates to an ongoing scandal involving misconduct in Afghanistan by private security contractors working for the US State Department.

  2. Nice. I bet G4S are really happy with the armor group purchase
  3. No doubt.
  5. As a US taxpayer I do not begrudge one cent paid to protect leaders and officials. I do not even begrudge the protection of leaders I have loathed like Carter. They did the job and are targets because of it.

    I do begrudge payments to security corporations that take the money and provide "security staff" with less security training than your average school crossing guard and the IQ of a potted plant. The State department has a fine cadre of bright and well trained Diplomatic Security officers. I went to graduate school with a couple and have worked in command centers etc with DS agents. They all were bright and a good as law enforcement officers can get. I know they have very high standards (although they must have lowered them in the mid 80's as they tried to recruit me) . There are, however far to few of them and State has to hire private contractors. The parent company, Wakenhut, protects a number of sensitive facilities here in the states and they do a good job. Their ArmorGroup subsidiary sounds awful. Our foreign service officers are a fine group of extremely bright capable people, serving the US in some of the worlds hellholes. They deserve proper protection wherever they serve. State should correct this immediately and Hillary C chould be held accountable for making it happen.

    (JJH, I don't loath Carter because he is from the great State of Georgia, I loath him because he did a miserable job as President, he let our diplomats be held hostage while doing nothing and also because he treated his USSS agents very badly. My elderly Uncle was at Canoe U. with him and loathed him.)
  6. I am in total agreement and no apologies needed regarding James Earl-he was an embarrassment to Georgia at the time and has become an embarrassment and shame to the nation after his ill-fated presidency.