US Special Forces invade Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    OOPS!Looks like someone's in the poo!

    sky news

  2. Straight from the Karl Rove playbook...
  3. Yes Taz I have been expecting something for the Republican Party.
  4. In the poo indeed.
  5. I'm amazed.......Stealth helicopters. Must be, otherwise how the hell did they get to a village east of Damascus without being spotted on radar? Having had a quick look at Google, I'm even more amazed!
  6. Whoops, that's someone's map-reading instructor in the cack then.
  7. It would depend on who they were attacking. The protestations might very well be for public consumption, Syria has the same problems with radical Islam their fellow Baathists in Iraq had IIRC. A US strike on those chaps might be just the ticket from their point of view.

    Buy Bacofoil, you know it makes sense.
  8. Syria are (were) getting quite cosy with Israel these days. That's terrible news for the USA, as it poses a potential threat to American supremacy in the region. Cue destabilising attack to break the peace and keep the stars and stripes flying for longer. Result USA 1 - RoW 0.
  9. I have just read the update on the beeb, they killed a major target that was smugling foreign fighters into iraq, so yes it was a successful raid on all acounts! But didn't they kill kids also?
  10. Women and children always get killed when the Americans attack someone, even if there are non within 20 miles. :oops:
  11. "It was a successful operation. [Abu Ghadiyah] is believed to be dead. This undoubtedly will have a debilitating effect on this foreign fighter smuggling network," the official said.

    A second official told the agency that only people the forces considered a threat had been targeted and that women and children were alive when the team left."

    I wonder if that is true? Wouldn't put it past the Syrians etc to try and cover who this bloke actual was by killing a few of their own citizens to make the Yanks look bad!
  12. It doe's seem like a bit of a cover up, when the team left? Suggesting that people are trying to frame the US when everyone knows them for this, supported by the whole war in Iraq!!