US Special Forces Insignia

Discussion in 'US' started by foxs_marine, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. I was given a set of SF insignia by a retired US Army Reserve SF colonel (previously active duty USMC), which I'd like to have mounted & framed.

    They are;

    A teal blue bullet or arrow shaped badge with a gold sword, point upermost, crossed by 3 gold lightning bolts,

    An arc shaped black tab reading "Airborne" in gold,

    An arc shaped teal blue tab reading "Special Forces" in gold,

    A large shield shaped black badge with gold border. In the black area is what looks like a Roman urn type thing in white with 3 gold edged red flames from 3 ports at the top. This is over 2 gold arrows, points at 11 o'clock & 1 o'clock,

    A shield shaped badge with a diagonal white line from top left to bottom right. The top portion is red, the lower portion is light blue. I think this a cap badge in the colours of a particular SFG, but have not been able to identify it,

    Finally, a smaller enamelled metal badge with 2 pins to the rear. It bears a black scroll with silver edges & the motto "De Oppresso Liber". In the centre of the scroll are a knife, point uppermost & 2 crossed arrows, points uppermost, both in silver.

    My questions are;

    Which SFG does the red & blue flash denote?

    Is the metal badge worn pinned through the red/blue flash or elsewhere?

    What is the significance of the "Flaming Urn" badge & where is it worn?

    I assume the "Special Forces" tab goes above the "Airborne" tab, which goes above the lightning crossed sword. Is this correct?

    Thanks for your time,

  2. He's a chef!
  4. Goldbricker,

    Thanks very much for those links & pictures.

    For mounting purposes, am I right to place the "Specisl Forces" tab above the "Airborne" one?

    Should I pin the DUI (What does this stand for?) to the 11 SFG flash?


  5. DUI means designated unit insignia I think.

    He means it's their cap badge to put it into Brit speak.
  6. The ships chef? :)
  7. Sorry, yes the SF Tab(aka "Long tab") goes above the Airborne tab and also above the "Ranger Tab" if the man is so qualified. The Arrowhead is also known as the "electric butter knife,or electric carving knife".

    Special Forces tab is a qualification, so it won t go on the right shoulder as a Combat Patch,aka "SSI-FWTS" (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia- Former Wartime Service). Also you wont see NON SF qual pers in SF units wearing it.

    DUI- Distinguishing Unit Insignia doubles as an Enlisted mans Beret badge and Epaulet badge for the Class "A" greens. Officers wear their Rank on the flash, as do Warrant Officers.
  8. GB,

    Thanks again. I was lucky enough to meet the Colonel at my old gym, he was training there while visiting his daughter in the UK.

    I took him to my Territorial Army centre & introduced him to the OC, the RSM & the senior NCO's. We got very drunk & he later sent me these items as a memento, so I want to mount them right. A true Southern gentleman, Col. J.C. P*****r, USA (ret.)