US soldiers killed Afghans, mutiliated corpses

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by KGB_resident, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. CBS News Mobile U.S. Soldiers Charged in Afghan Civilian Murders

  2. Tell me about how the glorious Russian Army behaved in Afghanistan? I hear running over tied up civilians with tanks and dropping anti personnel mines that were disguised as childrens toys was quite the popular pastime for you lot.
  3. And of course the Taliban would never desecrate the bodies of NATO troops or abuse/execute prisoners. Yes I know two wrongs etc!!
  4. I don't think the issue here is the killing of Taliban personnel but that of innocent civilians. I'll reserve judgment though until after any trial.
  5. Could have been worse; they might have set fire to a load of Korans as well...

  6. You are of course correct, I should have added that the Taliban would never dream of coercing young adults to wear the suicide vest or use the locals as sheilds or punishing collaboraters.
    Getting back to the original theme of this thread, the US military do sadly have a history of taking "it" out on the unfortunate local civpop. So there probably is some truth in the report.
  7. I have no idea why we mess around with such arcane institutions such as courts when we can save a sizable wedge having arrsers sat in the comfort of thier own home and pass judgment and second guess based on a brief report.
  8. this has been debunked. propaganda spread by rightwing publications like 'Soldier of Fortune' waltazine.

    PFM-1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  9. This was covered in more detail yesterday on another thread. (do your own searching!)
  10. The only time I heard of 'tank accidents' was when an aussie cameraman turned Muslim convert tried to film Haqqani's [then muj] trophy T-55s, when one reversed back over him.
    The other when General Dostam [then DRA] had his 2i/c pegged out on the ground & tank flattened.

    The "toy story" was wildly put-about, along with the use of napalm & gas, by shrill septic pressure groups in the 80s with no proof to back up their claims. These 'Reaganauts' did the mujahideen a great disservice by hyping their abilities and overlooking their failings, whilst ignoring what the ISI were up to.
    The highly respected Professor Majrew [later murdered by the Taliban] had a collection of the weird and odd ordinance; which included the butterfly mines sited by DrS, and to a child could look like a rather odd 'toy'.
    The only other particularly notable derivations on everyday kit amongst the Professor's collection were books hollowed out to explode & .22 "pistol pens" available from Dara. Nothing SOE didn't have, only of inferior quality.

    The only definitive examples of torture were from those picked up by KhAD who carried out 'aggressive' interrogations on their fellow Afghans. No doubt with Soviet teaching.

    This incident involving US troops has echoes of that which occurred in Iraq when a family was killed to disguise the raping of a child.
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  12. I think it all needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as these things are genrally sensationalised by the media to feed a gossip hungry public's habit, all fuelled by the right wing rumblings of people who haven't a clue as to what is happening in the real world. Until proven it is pure conjecture. That said, I watched a documentary called the Wounded Platoon about the dehumanising effects of war on soldiers (bearing in mind that the septics do year long tours) that may lend some credence to these kinds of stories. However........................
  13. Indeed. I was in Afghanistan in the late 90s and had heard about "PFMs looking like toys". They quite clearly don't so I asked the locals. They told me that kids liked to pick them up and throw them against walls so that they'd explode. So toys in a way, but rather serious ones. I don't think we can blame the USSR for making mines that look like toys. My best guess is that someone heard that kids liked to play with them, put 2 & 2 together and got 5.
  14. "the tank" was a film set in aghan durin the russion occupation one scene was of a local being run over by the tank track best scene in the film thinkin about it.
  15. Fixed it for you.