US soldiers found dead in Iraq - Condolences.

US soldiers 'found dead' in Iraq

Two US soldiers missing in Iraq since Friday have been found dead south of Baghdad, Iraq's defence ministry says.

Spokesman Gen Abdul Aziz Mohammed said the bodies were found in the Yusifiya area. The US military has not yet confirmed the statement.

An insurgent group linked to al-Qaeda in Iraq had claimed it abducted the soldiers from a checkpoint.
The missing men have been named as Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, both from the 101st Airborne Division.

One US soldier was killed in the attack on the checkpoint.

Poor lads. RIP
RIP lads.
Condolences to their families who will have been going through hell in the last few days.

RIP boys.
Rest in Peace gentlemen.

My thoughts are with their families.

Let's hope those who are responsible are soon called to account. By their God or by Soldiers, it matters not.
You do not even know the color of the wall
that your insurmountable commitment fortifies
You defend the earth that buries you, secure
in a shoot out with death, dressed for battle. (R.Alberti)
Bless and keep them, and their families.


Book Reviewer
Rest in peace, Airborne.

As has been said so many times now, our thoughts and prayers are with their families, grieving comrades and those they leave behind.

" You would not tell with such high zest,
To children, ardent for some desparate glory
The old lie
Dulce Et Decorum Est
Pro Patria Mori. "
Words fail. RIP guys.

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