US Soldiers Captured by Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DeltaDog, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Sky News Link
  2. Is dark! Just reminds me of Ken Bigley.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    What happened to the other US Soldier captured by the Talibs last year?
  4. Wondering the same myself.
  5. According to wikipedia he's still in captivity Bowe Bergdahl
  6. It'd be nice to keep your chin high and say they may get returned, but in all fairness they wouldn't negotiate. They're winding up on liveleak.
  7. If this story is true as reported, I would be surprised if there is a happy outcome for the two captured troops. It seems that the capture has occurred at a time when beheadings are high on the agenda. How the USA will react if that occurs is anybodys guess. AQ have already got our number when it come to the effective use of television and atrocity. Even if the US politicians manage to enter in to a dialog over release what have we the west got which they would want? **** all!
  8. RIP Guys.....
  9. Poor bastards...

    Hope for the best. Expect the worst.
  10. It is. The Americans are not amused........
  11. Details seem a bit sketchy and no doubt more info will come out. But the circumstances as relayed by the media at present seem peculiar...? More ammunition for the Taliban.
  12. The might not have executed him but I would wager he can recite the Quran from memory by now. If it was me I would be a good Muslim
  13. Snap, I'd be the bestest muslim ever. Who gives a flying fcuk about religion and state as long as it lets your head stay attached to your neck? If I'd have ever been captured I'd have called any fcuker they wanted me to all the names under the sun. I may not have meant it but I'd have said it in spades.

    If it got me released I would have been in the great position of being able to say "it was all bullsh1t and they were cnuts and I lied to them and they believed it" as opposed to being in the dead position of being able to say "I stayed true until they cut my throat" and then being able to say fcuk all else.

    I never take notice of the words of any captured serviceman for the very reason that he is captured.

    I hope they come away OK, I bet they are made to make many propagandist broadcasts, if they are then they should be forgiven for simply wanting to not die.
  14. Dum spiro spero