US soldier shoots mate in attempt to cure hiccups.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dwarf, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Cold key down back of neck.
    Blow up paper bag and burst it.
    .38 round to rear of eye-ball.

    Everyone knows the escalation of force in curing hiccups. His defense council must have been shite. He would have got away with it on Boston Legal.
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  2. The Secretary of State for Health will be considering this treatment for many illnesses and will bring it in on the next round of NHS reforms. Winners all round. Patient doesn't have a problem (or any) and lawyers make lots of money.

    Typo edit.
  3. It's his constitutional right to bear arms don't you know?

    If every US citizen took up the option to bear arms there would be far fewer commie-loving, pinkos hiccuping around the place stopping right minded folks from enjoying their football, bud and chips!

    Firearm accidents -the only Darwinism still allowed in the USA due to over-vigorous application of H&S legislation.
  4. Neither were Texans just stationed there, like claiming Pakistanis are indigenous to Birmingham.
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  5. I assume he just wanted to shoot near his feet but hadn't noticed he was standing on his head drinking a glass of water.
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  6. Ah well, if you can't take a joke etc........
  7. It's a good thing the poor bugger didn't have piles...
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  8. He's not a very deep thinker, Goldbricker.
  9. You mean they are'nt? Well I'll be blowed.