US soldier sentenced in Afghan case

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by pp0470, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. US soldier sentenced in Afghan case - Americas - Al Jazeera English

    Thats pi55ed on the old hearts and minds strategy then.
  2. What's that can't hear you My Lai or something?:)
  3. 9 months detention in his home base. It does say he 'only' shot at a farmer - not tht he killed him.

    My Lai was about 500 dead civilians (men, women & children), & consequently 4 yrs house arrest for commanding officer. Bit like an ASBO I guess!
  4. What a silly punishment. At least several years jail and life ban from military employment in the future would have been more appropriate. Sheesh.
  5. Think he cut a deal for giving evidence against others, but yes, been allowed to stay in military once punishment is finished seems bizarre.

    It's not the individuals I am most worried about, rather the cultural mentality that thinks this is ok. Red necks or small town USA I wonder?

  6. 1- He is barred from re-enlistment as we speak RE-4 he will be in the Military until his current enlistment expires (his jail time counts)
    2- He will recieve a less than honorable discharge. Likely a Bad Conduct or Dishonorable Discharge.
    3- Sentence also depends on what he was charged with under the UCMJ. The articles he was found guilty of and sentencing reccomendations.

    Any Conviction automatically goes to the Court of Military Appeals after the MACOM Commanding Officer reviews the sentence (aka Action by the convening authority- in this case the Joint base Lewis-Mchord Commander, LTG Curtis Scaparrotti) .

    Uniform Code of Military Justice - UCMJ
  7. I re-read the article and it doesn't say that.
  8. Al-Jazeera doesnt have the whole story?

    Go Figure.....
  9. And you're not presenting 'the whole story' yourself. You just make an unsubstantiated assertion. What is your source?
  10. The BBC has more info:

    It also says:

    BBC News - US soldier Robert Stevens jailed for Afghan attacks
  11. Without condoning in any way the despicable crimes of these soldiers if their guilt for these charges is established through normal military justice proceedings (I seem to recall some notion on ARRSE about not commenting on military personnel charged with crimes on ARRSE before courts martial conclude their cases but perhaps that only applies to British military), as one who has studied in grim detail the My Lai atrocity and seeing that this is not the NAAFI, your reference to My Lai in this fashion (your smiley) does a disservice to the horror of My Lai and the hundred of victims of that horrible day.
  12. Here is a report from CNN(there are myriad reports on Google News) :

    Responding only to the nature of the comments thus far on this thread and not in any way minimiz(s)ing the gravity of the entire matter, a few observations:

    1. He pled guilty pursuant to a plea bargain. (This is a routine prosecutorial approach even in the UK)
    2. He was not charged with "murder."
    3. He was reduced to private and forfeits all pay and allowances during his confinement.

    I find it interesting that certain posters are so quick to rely on an Al Jazeera report and assert the soldier should have been punished more when they do not even do minimal research before stating their "opinion." It suggests to me there are other agendas at work than outrage over this particular soldier's case. If these posters are serving or are veterans of combat service IMHO they should be a bit more circumspect in their treatment of such matters. It is my hope that we all would want anyone charged with crimes in the military, whether US or UK, to be treated fairly and in accordance with the established law.
  13. Chill out Jarhead!!! And anyway, the fact the US soldiers/civilian contractors in Iraq or Afghanistan murder locals for fun is hardly news. Until your backward government deal with the wide issue of ill-discipline within your forces then these show trials will continue and will only really make public the very smallest bit of the tip of the iceberg.

  14. I can assure you I am quite chilled but thanks for your concern. As to the rest of your missive I will relegate it to the others that are driven more by an anti-US animus than reasoned facts. Cheers.
  15. It's not unsubstantiated. Its based upon 27 Years in US Army , being a Senior NCO, Having been a Member of 2 courtmartials (in 1983 & 84), having helped prepare charges, having read UCMJ charges to younger troops who fcuked up. Having been a witness at a courtmartial , Having prepared Chapter for unsuitability paperwork, etc.

    What's Your Experience with US Mil Justice system(other than what you read) in al- Jazeera?

    A Bar to re-enlistment is an automatic procedure emplaced after courtmartial conviction where prison is part of the sentence RE-4

    AR 600-2, AR 600-7, AR 630-5 , AR 601-280 cover Bars to re-enlistment, DA Form 4126-R is used to emplace a Bar:

    ■Tardiness for formations, details, or duties.
    ■Being AWOL for 1 to 24 hours.
    ■Losses of clothing and equipment.
    ■Substandard personal appearance and hygiene.
    ■Persistent indebtedness.
    ■Frequent traffic violations.
    ■Recurrent punishments under UCMJ, Article 15.
    ■Use of sick call without medical justification.
    ■Unwillingness to follow orders.
    ■Inability to adapt to the military.
    ■Failure to manage personal affairs.
    ■Frequent difficulties with fellow soldiers.
    ■Involvement in immoral acts.
    ■Failure to qualify with weapons.
    ■Failure to pass Army physical fitness tests.
    ■Lack of potential for further service

    Now you say I'm not myself presenting the whole story, lets take a look at the BBC's claim from pp0470's post

    he will be demoted to the rank of private and must forfeit all pay and allowances while serving his sentence

    Not factually true. If Sgt. Stevens had a pay Class A allotment(mother, wife,kids)of US$500.00 a month in place prior to being convicted that pay and allowances continue and are not forfeit. That was out into regs years ago so that the dependents didnt suffer for the guilty party's actions. Forfeitures take place within 14 days after conviction if the conviction results in 6 months or more (or sentence of Death) in prison.