US Soldier allegedly kidknapped in Samarra

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ozgerbobble, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. SAMARRA, Iraq (Reuters) - Insurgents have captured an American soldier in the city of Samarra, north of Baghdad, an Iraqi police spokesman said Tuesday.
    Lt. Col. Mohammed Ahmed of Samarra police told reporters the soldier had been seized Monday night by gunmen in two Opel cars. He said U.S. troops were out in force in the streets of the Sunni Muslim city Tuesday.

    A U.S. military spokesman said he had no information on the incident. Ahmed said the Americans had alerted Iraqi security forces and asked them to look out for the missing soldier.

    U.S. and Iraqi forces stormed Samarra, 62 miles north of Baghdad, in early October as part of the U.S.-backed interim government's campaign to retake rebel areas before national elections scheduled for January.
  2. Poor bloke.

  3. any link to further news on this? I saw the original news on Sky and it said 'more to follow' but none has :roll:
  4. if he is captured and they demand that american troops withdraw from fallujah etc , then he is a gonner, did he run out of ammo or was caught by surpise? as my first feeling would be to shoot back rather than be captured and getting a head removal operation
  5. No US soldiers are missing at this time.
  6. is that the same as the pentagon saying 'no US helicopters have been shot down' while at the same time the Iraqis are dancing around a downed Apache?
  7. 5pm

    Confusion over US soldier 'kidnapping'

    · US military denies Iraqi police claims
    · Eight killed by Baghdad car bomb
    · Four dead in Mosul blast

    Adam Jay and agencies
    Tuesday November 2, 2004

    There was confusion today over the whereabouts of an American soldier who Iraqi police said had been seized by insurgents in Samarra.
    The unnamed soldier was seized last night by gunmen in two Opel cars, according to a spokesman for the Samarra police.

    Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Ahmed said the Americans had alerted Iraqi security forces and asked them to look out for the missing soldier. He added that US troops were out in force in the streets of the Sunni Muslim city, 60 miles north of Baghdad, today.

    However, the US military at first said it had no information about the incident. It subsequently denied the report, with a spokesman saying the 1st Infantry Division, whose operating area includes Samarra, had reported "100% accountability of their soldiers at this time".

    Iraqi forces stormed Samarra early last month, as part of the US-backed interim government's campaign to retake rebel areas before Iraq's national elections, scheduled for January.

    A roadside bomb exploded in the city today, killing a member of an Iraqi national guard convoy. In Baghdad, a car bomb exploded outside the education ministry, killing at least eight people and wounding about 10.

    And, in Mosul, another car bomb targeted an Iraqi military convoy, killing four civilians and wounding up to 12 soldiers.

    Iraqi police said the attack was an assassination attempt on the commander of a special task force in the Iraqi army, but that General Rashid Feleih had escaped uninjured.

    Meanwhile, the US military said a Reuters cameraman who was killed in Ramadi yesterday had died in a gun battle between marines and insurgents.

    "Marines from the 1st Marine Division of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force engaged several insurgents in a brief small arms firefight that killed an individual who was carrying a video camera earlier Monday morning," it said in a statement.

    Reuters said, however, that video footage of the incident showed no fighting and no sounds of shooting before Dhia Najim was killed by a single bullet in the back of the neck. He had filmed heavy clashes between marines and insurgents earlier in the day, but that fighting had subsided, Reuters said.

    The news agency said Najim's colleagues and family believed he had been shot by a US sniper.

    David Schlesinger, Reuters managing editor, said: "We reject the clear implication in the marines' statement that Dhia was part of an insurgent group. "This claim is not supported by the available evidence. I strongly urge the US military to conduct a proper investigation into this tragic event."
  8. I dont see a picture of the alleged missing serviceman.
  9. I can tell you that this is a load of Boll***s. This story has been flashed twice in the last two days here in Baghdad and on both occasions it is not a soldier missing.

    Try looking around the other news websites and see if any US security contractors are missing (slightly different to a US soldier) but close enough for many news outlets.

    Get my drift.