US SOFs frustrated in pursuing bin Ladin

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Special forces frustrated by timid policies in pursuing bin Ladin...

    (Inside the Ring)

    Defense officials are criticizing what they say is the failure to capture or kill top al Qaeda leaders because of timidity on the part of policy officials in the Pentagon, diplomats at the State Department and risk-averse bureaucrats within the intelligence community.

    Military special operations forces (SOF) commandos are frustrated by the lack of aggressiveness on the part of several policy and intelligence leaders in pursuing al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and his top henchmen, who are thought to have hidden inside the tribal areas of Pakistan for the past 6½ years.

  2. It's a timid policy alright. When they refused to bomb that Taliban funeral (among other things) I knew for sure that the Pentagon has no stomach for war. Bunch of barracks lawyers, political toadies and public relations hacks.

    Remember that Taliban funeral? A few dozen of them standing in formation in broad daylight.
  3. That funeral would have been a job for Psyops surely?

    "Excuse me, would you all mind taking a few hundred steps to your left...just a bit further. That's it. Perfect. Now Smile!"
  4. What? Are you telling me that the AQ Death Star is running out of fuel?
  5. What is this obsession with catching Bin Laden? The media has made him another Carlos the Jackal. The only thing Bin Laden ever brought to the table was money. The brains behind 9/11 (Khaleid Sheik Mohammed), was already captured. Bin Laden's financial network is in ruin, and he'll be hiding in people's basements for the rest of his life. A bad enough sentence.
  6. That's precisely the point - Bin Laden is a symbol, and terrorism is as much, if not more about symbols and symbolic action, as it is about killing people. Rightly or wrongly, capturing or killing OBL has become a symbol of victory for many westerners. It's a political point, but to stop looking for him is potentially more damaging: it would signal the impotence of western power, and arguably loose what little focus there is on this so-called "war on terror".
  7. I'm not saying we should stop looking for him, but the media needs to reveal who he really is. A nobody who got his hands on a lot of money. Bin Laden was even vehemently opposed to Sheik Mohammeds plans for 9/11 because of his "experience" in construction, which led him to believe that the plan would never work. The Afghans would often shoot his Arab mujahadeen out of annyance and for getting in their way. Destroying his public persona can only be a good thing. Bin Laden is getting what he wants, a world wide dog and pony show. He may not be as revered by as many people as he is if the media paints a different picture of him.
  8. Totally agree - what a waste of money & time that would be better spent on finding the new terrorist bosses, surely? :?
    On another tack, this hunt for OBL reminds me a bit of those "Scarlet Pimpernel" stories:
    [align=center]"They seek him here, they seek him there,
    The Allies seek him everywhere;
    Is he in heaven, is he in Hell?
    That damned elusive OBL!"

    :wink: [/align]
  9. Bin Ladin is a figurehead and killing him isn't the be all and end all. Islamist terrorism doesn't rely on one leader, you can't kill an idea after all.

    You can however hunt down and kill all those who follow the Islamist terror creed, no need to be dramatic about it either, just disappear them and make it look like they've gone on a pilgrimage.

    Silence can send a message as well as the graphic violence that the religion of peace uses to send a message.

    Failing that you can always dirty bomb The Haj.. that would send a clear statement of intent.
  10. And start WW3.
  11. WW3 started the moment they crashed into the Twin Towers, the only question is how we prosecute the war that has been thrust upon us.

    I just happen to believe that due to the nature of Islamist terrorism you must destroy those things that they consider precious, in the short term it would cause more conflict, in the long term they would have to stop their war or be destroyed.

    The fact I'd get to see their world burn is merely an added bonus.
  12. The_Cad........ Could you please, please, please, please, please, please, please change your avatar back to your old one of Terry Thomas?
  13. Trip_Wire you do post some interesting links but it might be nice if you expressed an opinion once in a while.
  14. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I do try to do that on a lot of things, I post; however, there are some that I don't really have any comments on. This was one of them.

    I also, have a few '*******' on this board, that seem to love to use any comments I make into their somewhat perverted pleasure. :roll:

    So, I try to keep any comments I do make VERY brief and to the point. :wink:
  15. Afraid not, you see I have recently had an epiphany.