US SOCOM at Embassies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. nothing new there
  2. What was the old name?ISA, Intellegence Support Activity.
  3. I worked at a US Embassy for 4 years, Joe public would be very supprised what sort of outfits are based in that building.
  4. ...rubber kinky stuff huh? 8O
  5. Lol I had wished!!! I can give you a non classified list if you wish,
  6. Probably the full Village People set (with spare Motorcycle Cop - v popular), World Dominator Suits (a la Dr Evil, George W Bush etc) and some nice Hooters uniforms for the laydeeees.
  7. I have just been reading that the Americans may be moving from Grosvenor Square in London, and are interested in the site at Chelsea Barracks. Apparently the Embassy in London is at present, the only Embassy in the world that they don't own.

  8. You are correct. The premises in Grosvenor Square & the land is owned by the Duke of Westminster. The token rent is one peppercorn a year. Apparently the Duke once commented to a previous Ambassador that if he was given back ansestral land in the States taken during the War of Independence, he would give them the building for free!!
  9. Big Gerald. Lovely bloke.
  10. Lets hope they move, and then that ugly concrete monstrosity in Grovenor Square can be flattened and something more in keeoing with the area built.

    Btw thanks for the info india-juliet. :D
  11. All Embassies and High Commissions have departments that "don't exist". The most amusing thing is the Emperor's New Clothes / Jedi Mind Trick attitude of the rest of the mission personnel about floors / parts of the building that "don't exist" when it's obvious that for the structural integrity of the building that they have to be there... :roll:
  12. The same applies to the US Naval Forces (Europe) HQ in Grosvenor Square too. The Resident Two Star Admiral is classed as the Tennant & the Duke is the Landlord. However COMNAVACT UK will be moving back to Italy within the next few years. So the American presence that has been resident in Grosvenor Square for well over 150 years will dissapear.
  13. Grosvenor Square is becoming a bit of security nightmare, as it's a public place but is increasingly becoming a compound patrolled by armed police and US Marines, and there have also been arguments with the London Authorities about increasing security further with more portakabins, barriers and other measures which detract from the square and hinder public access.

    The Americans are still very interested in Chelsea Barracks (according to the Estates Gazzete) as an alternative, as the barracks with it's gate and restricted access would be a lot easier to secure than the present site at Grosvenor Square.
  14. The US Marines you refere to in your post never patrol externally in Uniform. They are attached to the Marine Security Guard Detatchment, Quantico, Virgina. Each US Embassy worldwide has an MSG Detatchment. The US Naval HQ across the road also has a Detatchment of Marines but they are attached to the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion based in Norfolk, Vrigina.

    I know alot of residents were complaining more about restrictions around the area and I think Westminster Council are getting a little peeved off now.