US smuggles wounded troops home under cover of d

It's B.S.
If you talk to anti-military groups, of course they'll see it as a big conspiracy. Wounded soldiers aren't there to satisfy the press' curiosity.
There's actually several major news reports a week on wounded soldiers over here in the States - both positive and critical, often both at the same time. 60 Minutes and programmes like that have made regular contributions.
As for flight scheduling, planes travel back in time, so to speak, and I believe they leave the Sandbox at dusk and in the dark. Last thing you want is for a plane full of wounded soldiers to get shot at in daylight.
Bollards. Ramstein isn't open to the public so it doesn't matter what time they fly the blokes in, the press would never get to see them anyway.

It's just the liberal press creating a conspiracy to try and cast the yanks in a bad light.


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