US skydiver lands dead instructor

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bill172, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. That's certainly a weird one. Do they include a bit about steering in the brief for tandem students at the moment?
  2. Report says he knew the basics of steering from TV? Don't they have theory on the ground before going up for the real deal?
  3. Sod that..... Dead at 49 from a heart attack....... thats bad
  4. Indeed, mind you my mates dad just suddenly dropped down dead from a heart attack at 41.
  5. The yanks learn everything from the TV, come on dont you know this by now?
  6. I would have thought that throwing oneself out of perfectly good aeroplane would be enough to give anyone a heart attack :lol:
  7. No such thing as a perfectly good airplane... :wink:

    Including the casualties from airborne operations during WW-2, more people have died landing with their aircraft than without it. I still get nervous when the flight I'm on is getting ready to make their approach on the runway... not a natural act to be with the bird for that part of the flight.

    Far as this student goes... he got it right and probably will never jump again. Deepest sympathy for the instructor... but at least he went doing something he loved which is better than the fates awaiting most of us.
  8. I bet he didn't drop down as far as that instructor...
  9. yes, that last six feet is a real bind...

  10. From the Article:

    "So at that point I realised I was just going to have to do what I had to do to get down to the ground and try to help him."

    I think he would have got to the ground without any imput from himself, "I was just going to have to do what I had to do to get down to the ground" What he had to do was hang in the harness until gravity did the work for him.
  11. "After a few seconds Mr Pharr asked his instructor a question, but got no answer - even when he asked a second time."

    Had a few instructors like that in my time, only scared them half to death though.

  12. Now if this was para student s*ags dead instructor on the way down it would probably fly a bit better (or land more awkwardly) :D