US shot or killed 429 Iraqi civilians in the last year

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    -- not even on raids

    US soldiers in Iraq killed or wounded 429 Iraqi civilians at checkpoints or near patrols just in the last year -- according to military statistics leaked to a McClatchy Newspaper reporter.

    "The numbers cover what the military calls escalation-of-force incidents, in which American troops fire at civilians who've come too close or have approached checkpoints too quickly,"

  2. Sounds fair to me.
  3. Boll##cks!! I demand a recount. Jerrymandering that what I call it. At what perimeter boundary are youse beginning the count?
    So how do you know what constitutes a 'civilian' and what is a British military uniformed personality, (even though you cannot necessarily see the people within the camo'ed 'friendly' marked armoured vehicles?)
  4. It's the old NI problem, a civilian is an player who is not carrying their weapon. Not denying that innocent people are not getting shot (hell, the yanks are responsible for enough blue on blue to claim to be that careful with everyone else), but IMHO these reports are not always compiled by objective enough sources to be given much credability.

    And no-one is reporting how many civilians have been killed by other Iraqi's, are they.
  5. Darwinism at work. If after all this time, they still haven't learned not to rush up to VCPs and patrols, they don't deserve to breed or breath.
  6. yeah, how DARE they live in their own country........
  7. The trouble is that every civilian that gets killed reinforces and deepens the hatred felt by Iraqis for their 'occupiers' and encourages them to resist.

    Ask the Israelis. They have been shooting Palestinians for bloody years and it doesn't look like its calming down any time soon.
  8. he was coming straight for us:(
  9. I can find sites like this too.

    Damn Brits killing all the civilians... you and your badgers!
  10. Let's put this into perspective. How many Iraqi civilians have died at the hands of their fellow Muslims in the same period?

    This isn't a rhetorical question, I would genuinely like to know the answer.

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).


    Well, Washington Post puts the number at 655,000. Subtract out the 429 or so from the Americans, the 40 or so from the Brits and I'll assume the other 654,531 are them killing each other.
  12. These reports are compiled by hippies, not above lying for what they see as the greater good.

    Sort of like the BBC thinks it justified in being biased because they are trying to do good :roll:
  13. Thanks for that Ghost.

    I notice that the figure given is for the total of Iraqi civvies killed since March 2003. Divide that by 4 and that gives us very approximately 163750 Iraqi civilian deaths per annum.

    In other words, each year roughly 430 die at the hands of the Septics. Add another 40 or so on our account and the score would be approximately 470 at Anglo American hands against 163,280 Iraqis killed by their fellow Muslims (in round figures). It should also be noted that according to the National Security Council's interim report, 80% of suicide bombers in Iraq are foreign "fighters" who enter the country through Syria, almost all professing support for Al-Qaeda.

    Call me naive, but could someone tell me why the Americans are getting the blame for all of this while Muslim extremist fundamentalist loonies, (most of whom aren't even Iraqi) are carrying out over 99.5% of the killing - killing which seems to be aimed at their fellow Muslims?

    I think they're all full of Shiite.

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
  14. Put it another way every one that dies is one less potential suicide bomber.

    It's not their country any more it's part of our Empire now. Bit like a very hot Wales but with more charm.
  15. What they don't say if the shootings were justified or not, still that would not make the headlines