US Ship close to opening fire on Iranian Vessel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_0ne, Jan 7, 2008.

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    Good on the captain his actions could of just prevented world war 3............
  2. At least the US Navy had more than a rubber dinghy and a 9 mil browning to bite back with.
  3. cant believe an American was able to restrain himself from letting rip with everything he had at his disposal, shows the difference between the US land and Naval forces.
  4. never thought I'd say this but good on the Americans for restraining those over eager trigger fingers, and from preventing a war..... and most of all, for not taking any sh*t off of the rag tag guerillas.
  5. This is from the New York Times:

    Now that could have been very nasty.
  6. press the big red button dammit!
  7. I guess the Iranians were bound to make some yippy little terrier gesture to assert themselves, seeing that Bush is about to visit the region...

    I hope that was it in the action department though, and they'll just stick to amusing ranty rhetoric for the next bit.
  8. disagree totally.

    if they had blown the little fookers up, they might see the west means business.

    and what if the iranians had bombed the ships ? - the yanks would have looked pretty silly

  9. I'm sure an arrser mentioned a 'multiple fast boat' type tactic against the might of the US navy some time ago... maybe they read it and thought they'd give it a try.

  10. Thats why they did though isn't it... its a win-win for the Iranians.

    If the Yanks shot them all then its 'oppressive USA huge gun boat picks on small Iranian vessel', Iranians get the Middle East sympathy vote and spawns a new generation of 'freedom fighters'.

    If Iran sinks the USA ship... well, massive victory for Iran, and is the USA in a position to declare war?

  11. sadly, this is very true.

    i used to think that we shouldnt have invaded iraq, but now we are there, we should sort it out.

    how silly that was.

    perhaps we should get out, and stay out. the events on boxing day convinced me of that.

    ps, i DONT want WW3 - but whos to say not acting increases the risks more than acting decisively.


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  12. Well they've been attacked before by suicide bombers, I don't think anyone would have blamed the Captain if he had have fired first.
  13. During an exercise against the USN the CO OPFOR decided on just this asymetric tactic - USMC Col Ripper IIRC ( top name btw ).

    It was so efficient that the DS had to tell him to stop.