US SF Poser/Walt?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. considering this in the news report:
    No! Would appear that someone in an official capacity acknowledged the fact that he was indeed SF.

    Further up the article is this;
    Now wouldn't you think that the Prosecutor after, obtaining fingerprints during the booking, made sure a background check was done and determined the man's identity. Furthermore, why would he file a motion of that nature if he, the defendant, didn't have the ability to disclose classified information.

    The second link that you posted gives the direct unit affliation of the defendant.

    The third link does not provide any unit details, only that he was in Afghanistan with SF and oddly during the same time periods given in the 2 news accounts.

    Again you prove that reading is one thing comprehension another.
  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    The (3) different posts was to give people, who were interested a chance to read them and get an idea of the numerous, (Some a litle different.) news articles and other info available on this individual. A google of his, name & companys bring up lots more data.

    Second MH article:


    "Kellerman served in Afghanistan as a reservist with the U.S. Army 20th Special Forces Group, from 2003 to 2004 and again in 2005."

    Here is another link, also pretty much the same stuff.

    My reading and comprehension are just fine. Hows yours? I see your nit-picking abilities are in good order. I didn't post any material from the SF community's discussion of the man or incident, which goes beyond what I have posted here, nor will I.

    Most of the discussions on SF boards, were that typically the media reports on cases like this was that they tended to use 'Green Beret,' as well as SF soldier, when the individual was not a Special Forces soldier or was a support type assigned to A Special Forces Group, that isn't a qualified (18x) Soldier.

    None of the articles report that he indeed was a qualified SF soldier and one report did say, that the individual was 'attached,' to the 20th SFG(A), which to an SF soldier, would tend to indcate, that he might indeed be a support person. Until such time as the military indicates the individual was indeed an SF soldier, he'll be considered a 'walt.'

    In any case he is charged with some serious crimes and if convicted will do lots of Federal prison time and a lose all his bennies and get a dishonorable discharge, etc.

    For those of you that wonder why ctauch, seems to attack or nit-pick every post that I make, apparently it is his idea of revenge, based on a previous dispute. He said in his PMs to me that he would do this, and apparently he is doing just that.

    I consider his rants and nit-picking, juvenile and pretty stupid for a person of his age and experience. :thumbdown: :pissedoff:

    I have nothing further to add to this thread, nor will I continue to add to those who would like to continue to nit-pick this article!

    The article is just what it says and is, if one doesn't agree with, or doesn't like it or the posts, please skip the entire article and/or post your own version(s.) I will not engage, in any tit-for-tats with anybody here, over the article or its contents, etc.

  4. You possed the question "...US Poser/Walt?" and three links. Two of which were print news reports from the Miami Hearld.

    The first was the most recent (Mar 25) and the second the first news article(Mar 17). Neither of them indicated any reason to disbelieve that the person in question (defendant) was anything other then SF.

    I saw in reading, comparing and comprehending the news accounts, from the same source mind you, no dissimilarities.

    The report from Mar 17 was more verbose about Kellerman's assigned unit. Seeing that the reporter for the second report was the same as the first and the two reports were seperated by only a week he may have not seen the need to waste column space by repeating the unit assignment and just wrote "special forces" (since he established in the first account that it was a SF Unit), or maybe he assumed everyone reading the second, follow-up, knew which unit Kellerman was assigned to. Hell I don't know ask him, his email is in the byline and I don't really give a cr@p what the reporter thought.

    The third link was an auto-bio and the facts in that match the facts in the 2 news accounts.

    If you indeed have facts not in evidence beyond your initial post, and facts that you do not want to reveal; how does that make my opinion stupid or juvinile?

    I responded to your post and links included in said post and nothing else.
  5. edit after the facts nice try
    Read the news accounts you posted a spokesperson did acknowledge it.

    Sounds like a WAH to me
  6. What are you two bitches bitching about now?

    My suggestion is that you get your shit sorted out, you're both getting boring. Two threads on this board now are just following you two moaning at each other.

    I vote we have some impromptu milling, bare knuckles. Trip, because you're old you can keep your stick. Don't wish to be seen as being unsportsman-like.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Ctauch, Trip-Wire.

    I have found your posts in the past to be generally interesting and offering a perspective based on a very different military experience from the majority of forum members.


    The last couple of weeks this has degenerated into a rather banal mutual bitching competion, which is BORING!!!!

    Considering your respective ages and experience both of you should be above this crap - move on!
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    No lads, please crack on.
    It's a spectator sport where no-one is forced to watch - unlike soccer...

    If you could agree to take it to the NAAFI Bar then the international fun police here won't bother youse.
  9. Above what? The fact that an accusation of waltism was made and the supporting evidence supplied on a simple read proved otherwise? A rebuttel that was clearly stated and then a retort that turned in to a nonsensical response that even daffy duck smoking crack and afflicted with a sever case of alzheimers couldn't come up with?

    Would love to take it in the NAAFI problem is Mr. Soggypants has the wit as sharp as paperbag and would not engage in a good slagging.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Start a Naafi thread, I'm sure TW will rise to challenge - and it will be more entertaining for us when the gloves come off and you can :threaten: each other no holds barred.
  11. Yeah, crack on - I like seeing Trip_W@nk being pulled up on his dribbling posts.

    I'll be in Ctauch's corner, waving a Round 3 placard and shoving Krispy Kremes up my datehole.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Will it make three rounds ?
  13. I meant 3 Rounds of Krispy Kremes Cuts :)
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