US SF in Iraq and Afg

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Red Shrek, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. I found this on google so enjoy.There is a small clip of SBS dudes duking it out in Afghanistan

  2. ooops. Double post.
  3. Great video Red Shrek... thanks...

    I'm pretty sure noone will have a problem with this video... Although no doubt when a few of the brits on the site see it they will find a sloppy drill somewhere - but i'm sure it will be a lighthearted slagging!!!

    By the way, what is duking? is that parachuting?

  4. lol :D
  5. Almost makes them look as good as the TA :lol: , what is the point of fast ropeing 5 ft? Nice video though, I want a CAR 15 it would be good for the err squirels.....

  6. Brassing people up, Amnesty didn't like it but the Spams appreciated the effort :roll: :lol:
  7. duking = fighting
  8. A while back CNN did a special on that event which was a coalition SOF bonanaza.I think after the SBS guys withdrew they called in AC-130's which chewed the talibs and AQ up real bad.Amnesty was not too happy about that.
  9. Thats fantastic but the site wont work. Can Anybody get this going???
  10. Here ya go BadCrow.You need real player to watch the video though.It is the first video by the way
  11. B_C, works ok,have you got the latest realplayer?
    If not it looks like you can download it from the site.
  12. Jolly good Now that it works. Cheers for coping with my computer mongery!
  13. 307

    307 War Hero

    Saw that vid a while back GPMG from the hip....what a larf that is.
  14. I must admit thats fuel for the septics to slate us. But im sure he had good reasoning. Maybe the "Oh fcuk they are shooting at me" factor.