US sends spy planes to 'sniff out' Iran's nuclear plants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 14, 2005.

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  2. I wonder when the US are going to realise that:

    1. The Iranian's are not ignorant little savages who are going to meekly lie down and submit to 'white mens' magic' and flashing lights in the sky.

    2. The recipe of Iran vs US vs UN vs Israel is not conducive to world peace.

    3. Iran would be in a much better shape than it is currently, if the US hadn't already meddled with it.

    4. There is a body of opinion about this whole thing that is not formed by, or with reference to, Capitol Hill or the Washington Times. This body of opinion is called 'the rest of the world'.

    Although I do wonder why the Iranians are developing 'peaceful' nuclear energy when their country floats on trillions of tons of oil...
  3. the US stance towards Iran could very well change now just as it did to North Korea, all 'were gonna come and open a can of whoopass' to 'lets talk about it', now Iran has said that they have the capability.
    Iran has left the Stone age and no longer fights with sticks, which usually means that the US will now want to open diplomatic relations.
  4. I just think that they spams have realised that figting wars is not a clean way to impose your wills on to another country. As such, they are more than willing to give it a go on the old diplomatic round-about, and should nothing happen then they will consider further options (including military action). I dont really blame them for being concerned about the Iranians getting a nuke. If they do, it will seriously impact on the power struggle in the middle east and will reck the (relative) stability of the middle east.

    If that does happen, oil prices will rocket and the chances are we (along with most of the western world) will be faced with soaring bills and interest leading to a possible recession. Therefore it is probabbly in the interest of the whole world that Iran does not get the bomb (wether that is achieved through diplomatic channels or down the barrel of an M16 is another question 8O )

  5. If true, or even if the Iranians believe it to be true, that seems a more significant detail than simply high-level surveillance overflights.
  6. This is classic USA air-war doctrine. Send in the unmanned drones first and try and make the baddies reveal their radar locations for future delivery of a H.A.R.M C/o uncle sam.

    They have done/ are still doing this in North Korea. Aim is ti build up a strategic map of the air defence network so that they can find any holes and slip in the back door un-noticed.

    Question is, is it in preperation for strikes in the near future or just as a back up plan? 8O
  7. the irans want nuclear power so they got more oil to flog