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US seeks extradition of 'North London hacker'


The US Justice Department will seek to extradite a suspected British hacker accused of crashing a major US military computer network, it was announced today.

Unemployed programmer Gary McKinnon, 36, from Hornsey, North London, is alleged to have broken into 98 computer systems operated by the American Army and Navy and the space agency, Nasa."

Didn't they stop us extraditing real terrorists, sorry, freedom fighters, or whatever they call their bankrolled Irish cousins in the 80's and 90's?

What I find equally outrageous is that they weren't security conscious enough to keep their data secure, now that is criminal!

They should give Mr McKinnon a job as head of IT security at NASA, he'd do a better than the one there now
Mc Kinnon is originally a native of Dudely I beleive


From Dudley hey? must have taught himself hacking on a computer he got "from the catalogue"

They only cost 36p a week for 15 gazillian months!
"oooooo allo Mr. CIA blowke, yowse compuowter system is shoite it is. Me and moy babby pissed all owver it we did"

Or words to that effect.....  ;D

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