US scientist charged with spying


An American scientist who worked for the US defence department and the space agency Nasa has been charged with attempted espionage, officials say.

Stewart David Nozette tried to give classified information to a person whom he believed was an Israeli intelligence officer...
It is a big mistake to think that 'Jewish' appearance and excellent Hebrew is a sufficient proof of 'Israelness'. By the way, some cadets at the High Scholl of KGB studied Hebrew professionally. I know it from my wife who was a cadet in the School many years ago.
ALVIN said:
Thats nothing to the 78,000 K.G.B agents you have in the west, ha ha. :wink:
Yeah, whatever! That doesn't happen to be the subject of the thread, in case you hadn't noticed.

I wonder if this fella's motivation was idealogical or financial. Seems a bit of a rum affair anyway.

But "Nozette" is rather an unusual name, innit? Sounds like a member of a backing group: "Frankie Schnozz and the Nozettes", or something.

This modern world confuses me. During the Cold War we were brought up to believe that the Israelis were our friends, helping to defend us against the Russian communist hordes. Then the communist hordes disappeared and the Israelis were still our friends, until shortly after Gulf War 2, when the BBC turned against them. I still do not know why. And now we are facing Russian hordes (who are no communist), so we have ended up with two potential enemy countries instead of one. It's all a big puzzle to an old man like me.

Taxi, the Rest Home please.
? you still dont hand over state secrets to a friendly country unless authorised by your higher ups.

the yanks are just lucky it was an fbi agent and someone under someone elses employment

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