US Sailor Charged with Espionage & Desertion


The sailor was identified as Ariel Wienmann, a 21-year-old petty officer and fire control technician aboard the USS Albuquerque.

Charge sheets released by the navy said Wienmann copied classified information while on the submarine, stole a laptop and peddled classified information to foreign agents in Manama, Vienna and Mexico City.

The charge sheets do not identify the country that Wienmann allegedly spied for, but a defense official who asked not to be identified said, "They believe it was Russia."

The official said the intelligence damage did not appear to be great.

"This was a wayward kind of guy who probably did not have access to a lot of stuff," the official said.
1. It certainly would be rather embarrassing for Uncle Sam at this precise moment if a guy by the name of Ariel Wienmann turned out to be spying for some other country that's maybe having a spot of bother and is relying on the the US for diplomatic cover and military support at the moment.

2. Since when did Pentagon officials downplay the seriousness of espionage conducted against the United States?

Something smells fishy- and I'm not talking about the contents of Baldrick's apple crumble.

I guess the big question is how long it will take Arik and Mora to wade in. :wink:

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