US Robbed at World Cup

Discussion in 'US' started by ghost_us, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Hmm, anyone know what the call was? No one is able to say. They got ripped off.
  2. I watched the game.

    IIRC Donovan delivered a free kick into a hectic box where players (mostly Slovenian) were pushing and shoving and wrapping their arms round the US.

    Edu broke free of the group and slotted home only for the Referee to decide that the US had done most of the shoving and Edu had joined in to make a clear run for the ball.

    Did he hell. It should have been 3-2. Although, I have to admit, I would have liked Slovenia to have won. :D
  3. The call was it wasn’t s free kick in the first place, the ‘lino’ never called it the Ref realised he had got it wrong so blew the whistle on delivery.

    Refs occasionally do this in soooooooooceeeeeeeeeer, we don’t have video Refs, controversy reigns, get over it or f*ck off and watch one of your traditional paint drying sports :wink:
  4. I checked my DILIGAF meter and it is still at zero without even a brief tremble above it. It appears that soccer is unable to move that meter in any way.

    I actually watched a bit over the past week and other than the bit where the English goalie fecked up no excitement at all. Part of the problem is that it would be nice to hear the announcers/commentators but they are hard to understand over the drone of those stupid horns. I bit disappointing as the network showing it in my area could be showing rugby or Australian football that are actually exciting. Part of the problem with soccer is the players who, if someone brushes lightly against them, lie down and cry like little girls hoping for a penalty.

    Please note that I am not criticizing soccer fans in general. If you enjoy it, please watch it. It is a decent game for girls or for boys who are not ...erm... lets say manly enough for real sports.
  5. Wah, what can any nation that plays a game devised for English schoolgirls so as not to tire them out too badly (changing the name to baseball doesn't stop it being rounders), and a poof version of rugby where the players won't go on the pitch without riot helmets and full suits of kevlar armour, know about 'manly' behaviour? Or do you refer to what all those college boys get up to with the sponsors after the match?

  6. Don’t worry. I hear that they have a really good chance of winning the World Series.
  7. The only explanation I have seen so far is here