US Right's pet Iraqi to be frozen out - The Light dawns

About bloody time.,6903,1202637,00.html

Chalabi set to be sidelined when interim government is named for 30 June handover

Peter Beaumont in London and Jason Burke in Baghdad
Sunday April 25, 2004
The Observer

Ahmad Chalabi, the controversial leader of the Iraqi National Congress and one-time candidate of Washington's neo-conservatives as future leader of Iraq, appears set to be denied a senior role in the future government.
The man once championed by both the Pentagon and Vice President Dick Cheney has become the focus of criticism by ordinary Iraqis, his former political allies and international officials involved in the country's reconstruction.

Chalabi's fate seemed to have been sealed yesterday following a series of briefings against him.

Only about a year late. Are they getting rid of /sidelining him because

a) They realise with Chalibi in charge, the region will be up in arms from the Syrian border eastwards or

b) Anything that can make Bush 43 look bad is being quietly disposed of in election year?

Whatever the reason - Good news.

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