US Restoration of nuclear 'bunker buster' programme

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jailorinummqasr, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. From AFP

    Iran should watch out?!
  2. The issue of RNEP and the 'will we/won't we procure' question has been floating around Capitol Hill since at least 1991. A report called 'Potential Uses for Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons in the New World Order' was released by the super-geeks at Los Alamos to widepsread indifference.

    In spite of efforts on the Hill to squash the various RNEP/HDBT programmes in train, experience in Afghanistan has showed that dug-in positions in excess of 100ft sub-surface lie beyond the capability of any of our conventional penetration systems, including the 5,000lb Class One. For comparison, a B-61 dropped from 40,000ft will only penetrate to 100ft with virtually no brisance effect below that depth.

    As with most weapons, we only reach for them when we need them. I have to say that if offered the opportunity between using anti-HDBT devices (low yield) or sending several thousand UK infanteers into bunkers, I would go for the 'no brainer' option! :D
  3. Sounds like an American UOR for operations in Iran to me. 8O
  4. Initial funding for RNEP ($15million) is based on DoD providing answers to the following IRs:

    1) the military requirements for the RNEP
    2) the nuclear weapons employment policy for the RNEP
    3) the detailed categories or types of targets that the RNEP is designed to hold at risk
    4) an assessment of the ability of conventional weapons to address the same types of categories of targets that the RNEP is designed to hold at risk.

    Hmmm...I can see some luckless SO1s rushing around the bazaars trying to dream up the answers to these little beauties! :D
  5. So, nuclear weapons in a preemptive strike to eliminate errrm... evil nuclear wpns?
  6. Ahh little fish-faced Maltese Foulkin Fiend..

    The poor DOD SO1s can relax again.

    All that is needed is to label the Big-'b's as "Global Asteriod Defence".

    (could also be employed during any potential invasion of the 'Sun')

  7. There go my plans for summer holiday in Tehran.
  8. Ah small nucs Terroist hunting for the use of.
  9. 1) Posturing with.
    2) blowing stuff up.
    3) Errrr....