US Reserve and National Guard Suicides

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WhiteHorse, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I hope I've done this right, its an article outlining a study into suicide within the reserve and National guard, some parallels to UK TA and Reserve I fear.

  2. If that is the case and the USA have a 24 month Vets programme, we don't, does that mean there could be many here in the TAVR who are at risk?

    I know it is claimed that some 350 have killed themselves since the Falklands, as reported by the Indipendant newspaper and others.

    Does more need to be done to put in place the checks and balances for all those who are TAVR, when they no longer have the 24/7 team support?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    It does, but when you come through Chilwell you get a veritable forest-felling amount of paperwork with contact numbers, details etc.

    Each Unit has an Ops O, who should be doing interviews with everyone who is returning.

  4. I am only too well aware what is supposed to happen, however in discussion with local members of the TAVR, it rarely happens.

    As for the paperwork, do they really expect anyone to say they maybe suffering from some form of Combat Stress and then expect to get any real treatments on the NHS at present?
    The regulars get Drug and Drink presentations, I don't suppose it has changed that much since I use to give them in UK and BAOR, they were seen more as a joke!
    All in the unit are supposed to look at and check one another, so who is checking the checkers?

    And for those in the TAVR who are back to work in their civilian jobs, who is looking after their concerns, especially if they begin to drop out of training nights and weekends?

    Just a thought or three. ..
  5. Really?
  6. That is what the Mod are saying, I have a letter saying the very same, however, in reality and talking with a professor who trains GP's, the reality is very different, as the policy and practice are not joined up YET!
  7. You have hit the nail on the head there, I am very concerned that too many TA/reservists drop out and we don't see them again let alone help them.
    Oh they get a letter, "Where's your kit" and "you are discharged for failing to attend"
  8. Perhaps I am being a little cynical over the issue of EX forces Mental Health be they regular or TA!
    But all I am hearing concerns me greatly and there is a real problem building and no one there to help those who will be soon "At Risk".
    In a civvi job, who even cares that someone has been in combat, never mind not understanding what they have endured at a TAVR soldier.
    The Mod does not care for those who have left the service, okay for those still in the TA they do have Chillwell and for the regular they have St Thomas's in London, BUT they are ONLY assessments for those attending, it is then up to their GP to treat or forward to CMHT!
    As an ex regular there is Combat Stress, where now an individual can Self Refer, but for the TAVR, I really don't know, although could ask, if there is anyone who wants to know?
  9. I'd like to know, I've seen some horror stories and one guy committed suicide not 500 metres from where I was sitting.
  10. Copy of email sent to clinical lead at Combat Stress

    I hope you and yours are well?

    I have been looking at and having impute into the above thread.

    As the ex regular has Combat Stress, who do the TAVR have, especially now given they are being deployed the same as their regular counterparts.

    I am aware they have Chillwell, but what about those who have dropped out from the TAVR for what ever their reason, who do they have apart from a GP?

    I do fear there is a real gap in services for the EX TAVR soldier, given there are still gaps for the ex regular in getting Mental Health treatments. This of course is not helped in the cuts nationally of Mental Health care both acute and in the community. As well as locally the Drop In Centre here in Nth Lincs has been closed for some time now and the only perceived option is MIND in Scunthorpe and only then if you are on a public transport route.

    As most GP’s because there is no joined up thinking will fill the individual with prescription medication making him / her unable to drive, many are being allowed to go home and fend for themselves. And lets not forget with every individual, if they have a family, all of this has a direct effect on them to and as yet no one seems to have taken that on board!

    Could you please tell me where the ex TAVR soldier could get the help for Service Related Combat Stress?

    Many thanks
    Charlie B