US report says Iraq fuels terror

[quote"BBC, 24 September 2006"]US report says Iraq fuels terror

The New York Times newspaper has published what it says are the findings of a classified US intelligence paper on the effects of the Iraq war.

The document reportedly blames the conflict for increasing the threat of terrorism and helping fuel Islamic radicalism worldwide.

Full text here:[/quote]

Original report here: New York Times

So, US intelligence has been reading, and learning from, ARRSE has it? It's pretty much what alot of us have been saying for the past 3 years. Combatting global terrorism is good, but make sure your methods actully help, not worsen, the situation!
Its just passing strange how secret documents keep getting leaked to the NYT. I guess there is no such thing as a security clearance anymore.
That's the NIE. All 16 US agencies are now saying essentailly that French intelligence and the mouthier bits of Langley were right.

It's not really new; nearly everybody with a beyond ladybird book understanding of the region always thought it was madness.

It was not a good idea to invade the 3rd holiest country to Muslims after 9-11 if you cared about the Salafi terrorism. That this would empower Iran and lead to the rise of the Shi'a crescent is an even bigger political nightmare.

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