US releases 9/11 Pentagon video

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, May 16, 2006.

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  1. No it doesn't it a conspiracy :?
  2. USA Today

    This one works, but you'll have to watch the advert first. Not that clear, to be honest.
  3. Thanks for that, BBC link clearly FUBAR. I've seen this video before and do not understand how an inexperienced pilot can fly that low, that fast and that straight. I also don't know how the plane managed to avoid all the structures commonly associated with a urban environment flying at that height before it hit the Pentagon. How did he not hit any lamp-posts, fences, cars or other buildings which may have caused the plane to breakup first? Either he'd had a lot of flying experience or he was very very "lucky" in reaching his target.
  4. Cause its a fit, just like the lunar landings.....shirttt..... nsa on my tail......gotta go guys............
  5. This was the first time i've seen this video, and frankly all i could see was a white tube in one frame, and the next frame showed the impact with the Pentagon. Obviously im no expert on this subject, but really how can anyone tell from this video whether it was a plane, missile, UFO, or anything?

    Judging by some overhead pictures i've seen of the pentagon, Jacques Bustard, i would say that a pilot taking the plane at an average speed could quite easily approach at a low(ish) altitude and hit the side of the Pentagon, but i agree the pilot would have to know what he was doing.
  6. A million monkeys could produce Hamlet, so one of 25 million Saudies might be able to fly after a few lessons.

    Put the tin foil back on the head and step back.

    Mind , seen the picture of the circle in the 3rd or 4th internal wall? ...

    So the Aircraft is made of lightweight aluminimmmum or whatever ..but still manages to punch a hole (nice circle) in the 3rd or 4th wall.?

    with not much other damage to show?


    best put my tin foil hat on.
  7. Ive flown with some complete fuckwits that have no problem trying to fly into buildings. Very accurate they were too. Especially coming in too fast into R850 over the Eastern fence and trying to park the cab in the Sgts Mess.

    Ref the Pentagon thing. He only had to be 'lucky' once.
  8. Im never sure about things like this, but what are the other theories put forward? We know a plane went missing, so how would Al Qaeda hide it and all the passengers? Surely a plane into the pentagon is a sensible explanation? And eye witness accounts (were they any?)
  9. I think most of them are on holiday in Cuba. 8O Well the ones that said they saw a cruise missile like object.
  10. Fair one with the pilot thing, Flasheart. I guess it wouldn't be all that hard to fly into a building.
  11. The Pentagon is rather large too.
  12. His flying tutor said he couldn't fly in a straight line, never mind pull off the kind of flying that would have been needed to hit the pentagon. In fact it has been stated that most experienced fighter pilots would have struggled doing it in an aircraft that size, after all it was a passenger jet not a dogfighter. Also being trained in BDA, I and a lot of my collegues all agreed that the damage was more akin to a crusie missile strike.
    Then there is the missing debris and wings. There were no marks on the wall from wings. The official reason stated was that they sheared off, if so, why were they not on the lawn outside? A airline rep said the only piece of wreckage was certainly not from that type of aircraft.
    There is now such much stuff on the net both conspiracy and anti-conspiracy and both can paint a compelling arguement.
  13. This is where I make myself look like a spiv... Exactly what would be the benefit of firing a cruise missle into the Pentagon and claiming it was Al Queda? Well I assume that you could use it as a reason for a fight against terror, but two planes hitting two towers the same day might have already covered that.