US rejects Saudi call on 9/11 report


The United States has rejected a request to make public the section of a report on the 11 September attacks that deals with Saudi Arabia.
The 900-page congressional report, released last week, suggested that people connected to the Saudi Government might have given financial support to the hijackers.

Details of their alleged role was included in a classified 28-page section which was blanked out and remains secret, despite growing speculation about its content and Saudi calls for it to be published.

But White House spokesman Scott McClellan said that declassifying the section could compromise intelligence sources and methods.
Call me cynical, but didn't they say this over the WMD intelligence? Let me help you, o corrupt Kingdom of Hypocrisy , the 28 missing pages, may allege you were not exactly at arms length from 9/11. Also, I don't think the 28 pages, were removed to spare the blushes of the House of Saud...
Couldnt agree more with your analysis of the reasons for the missing document. Unfortunately the darker powers that work behind the scenes of governments have their dirty fingers in more pies than Tom Thumb, and sure as eggs is eggs monies from American citizens will have been used to fund these crackpots who bit the hand that fed them.