US Recruiting and Retention Figures March 2006

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. The figures themselves aren't amazing, as I think they're still some 25% less than they were two years ago. However, the link at the bottom showing 'who's joining up' is interesting.

  2. Some myths stand up then.
  3. Indeed PB. Wonder what the % in the UK is?
  4. These figures are only for March, and I'll hazard a guess that figures will go up and down throughout the year depending on when their major recruitment drives are.

    Statisticians love to bullshit month by month, however you have to look at the long picture in order to gain a real insight into any numerical change in the recruitment position. It would be foolish for anybody to deny that recruitment hasn't fallen since the beginning of the war in Iraq, as even I as a loyal servant to HM would tell T Bliar and George F%Chwittt to go eat my sh^t if they think that I'd take a bullet for their personal ideals.
  5. The major killer in Ireland is failing the hearing test. I've heard of figures of over half failing. All the walkmans, Ipods and loud discos, I guess.

  6. what? guinness makes you deaf you say? speak up i cant hear you.
  7. Yeah I heard that too but I don't think hearing is any worse in Ireland, its that the standard is set ridiculously high.

    Up until fairly recently the Army was telling soldiers to use cotton wool to protect their ears when firing. This was then upgraded to the use of wet cotton wool as clearly wet cotton wool is much more effective. AFAIK other Armies contacted the Irish Army warning them about the importance of proper hearing protection but the advice was ignored. So 1000's of soldiers unnecessarily lost their hearing and sued the government - and the government deserved it too.

    Then the Irish Army panicked and decided to only take recruits with near perfect hearing (and they finally started issuing hearing protection). I was already in the Irish reserves at the time but I don't think they would take me now as my hearing is H2 as opposed to H1 which is perfect. Yet H2 is no problem for getting into the British Army.

  8. This was genuinely an unintended pun...


    But what is the main motivation of 'outsranding young people'? If course it is not money. They would serve even without payment (btw, how it has been changed last years?). Apparently the only reason to join heroic American Armed forces is a desire to help peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan to establish true democracy.

    For other possible motivations look at


    'Srars and Stripes' is a very interesting edition

    39% after a half fiscal year passed... 61% remains. And situation was not ideal in 2005

  10. Travel the world. See interesting cultures. Meet interesting people. Kill them.

    What's not to like?

  11. Sergey.


    Sergey sometimes I get the distinct impression you don't like the US.
    trust me we aren't that bad.

    One thing that has not been mention is how the economy effects recruiting. When the economy is good, it is going to be more difficult to recruit people.
  12. Mark Twain is my favorite writer. His perception of the World is my perception. And I believe that only America was able to produce such a genius. What do I like in Americans? Exellent sense of humour, self-irony, wide outlook (caused by huge territory of USA). Europeans sometimes don't see the whole picture, paying too much attention to details (though it is not a great sin).


    Of course I trust you and the Americans are not bad at all. All of them (with rare exceptions) are superb!

    Our friend Andy made a point. With reference to American official news-source I demonstrated that he is not quite right. What anti-American do you see there? If you whould post some negative info about Russia then I would be rather pleased by attention and would at least try to answer.
  13. Sergey, what does your average undernourished Russian recruit get paid to eat time-expired dogfood in a trench outside Grozny while he's waiting for periodic beatings from his officers/sargeants?
  14. Andy!

    What is the source of your story? BBC? CNN? Reuters? Maybe AFP or AP?

    Without a source it would be hard for me to comment.