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Discussion in 'US' started by brave-coward, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. Gentlemen, I have a question which is somewhat outside my area of expertise:

    Could someone explain what a Ranger is (simply described as elite infantry on t'interweb, what ever that might be)? I understand, annocdotally, that there are Brits who are "Ranger qualified", is this possible (sounded unlikely to me) and if so what does it actually mean? Done a US course, served on attachment to a Ranger regiment? Please note that this is not on a Walt hunting mission or anything similar, simply a question that fell out of a conversation this morning.

    From a quick internet search my understanding is that they seem to be akin to what we would term Commandos (Google/Wikipedia) and that there is a whole Ranger Regiment which seems to be some sort of light/air assualt infantry. I seem also to recall being told that they support SF and that our SFSG was modelled on them.
  2. B-C, way back when, a Brit Sapper went to the States and passed the Ranger course. Quite the lad in his time, bit of a rep. One of the RSMs of the Antrim Engineers.

  3. To add a bit in view of the question, the point of beginning for the Ranger Regiment is Ranger School, the successful completion of which authoriz(s)es the graduate to wear (if in the US Army and perhaps some other nations' forces) the "Ranger" tab. Those of us who attended from other services (including those from other nations whose regulations do not allow the wearing) are "merely" "Ranger qualified."
  4. From what you say and your user name, I take it this is a US Army course/qualification but one which USMC and other national armed forces personnel also attend/achieve. Sounds like the Ranger qualified Brit was not as far fetched as I it sounded. Cheers, curiosity satisfied.
  5. Tabs, Scrolls, you've lost me now...
  6. How often does this happen? I had never heard of it until today
  7. I was taking you literally in terms of your plea for "anecdotal" information--Dogface is more expert on the details-listen to him not me on those aspects as I also get confused with the Army's myriad uniform "nuances." I often said when attending Army schools etc. that I would be a rich man if I had a sewing shop near the Army post as one could get rich due to all the patches, flashes, tabs, bars, etc. that are worn on their uniforms. Now I suppose having stock in the manufacturer of velcro would do the same. ;-)

    Edited to add: I meant no disrespect whatever to my Army brothers--merely an anecdote reflecting the different (not better or worse) approaches/cultures to uniformity etc. and not any slight about the schools themselves either. The US Army runs some of the best specialist qualification training in the world bar none.
  8. That is quite so. During my WOBC phase at FT Rucker AL I met a number of Colombians attending flight school (Rotary). No doubt they were getting tooled up for the battle against FARC.
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I wear the Ranger Tab and the Special Forces tab. The Ranger tab was awarded to me as a result of graduating as a member of a Ranger Airborne Company assigned to the 4th Infantry Division during the Korean War, We were the first Airborne Rangers and the first o be Rangers after the WW II's Ranger BN's. There were (8) Airborne Ranger Companies that fought in Korea. We also had a scroll, and wore the Ranger Tab over it.

    Here is the Scroll. There are also scrolls with the Company Number on the 1 Through 15.

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  10. I did not iknow you were a Korean War vet-thanks for your service--I was a close friend of CMOH recipient from that war, the late Gen. Ray Davis USMC and have studied that war in great detail and never fail to be amazed at the operations conducted there, especially in such incredibly bad weather.
  11. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Yeah, I'm a 'FOG!' I served with the 'Wolfhounds' 27th Infantry, 25th ID in Korea in 1951. I went into Special Forces in June of 1961, mostly to get back on 'Jump' status. My first jump with them :rmp: was a night equipment jump. The last time I jumped was in 1951. (Over ten Years between jumps.) :p
  12. I heard that--I had a lapse of a number of years in my jump career and on my first jump after returning to the teams, ended up in a tall pine tree on a moonless night much to the delight of my ever respectful team members.
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    There were Ranger Company Scrolls in the Vietnam era as well. They; however were included in the 'made-up' linage of the 75th Ranger Regiment. We were not included in the final linage of the Ranger Regiment, although before the re-write we were. Of course, all the Ranger BN.'s are Airborne qualified now.

    Many who attend the Ranger School/Course and are awarded the Ranger Tab are not Airborne, nor are they required to be Airborne qualified. Many Rangers who wore the scroll and served in an Airborne Ranger Company and/or BN don't consider 'Tab' 'Leg' Rangers who never served in an Airborne Ranger Company or BN 'Real' Rangers. ;)