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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Cutaway, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    They seemed to be everywhere some years ago but with the drawdown of US forces I'm told that the mighty PX has become something of a rarity.

    I'll be travelling down through Das Reich at the end of the week and would be fuffed to chuck if I could gain access to a Post or Base Exchange as I'm after a load of kit for the lads.

    Are there any Arrsers who can either point me in the right direction or better yet escort me in so I can support your local PX ?

    I will of course cross your palm with booze - or anything else you'd care to mention.

    Please let me know asap,
  2. Be aware that the rules for gaining entry to a PX have changed. Retina scans and thumb prints required! Seriously, contact a unit in Germany to confirm.
  3. Gonna pi$$ on your fire mate.The main PX's left are in Wurzburg,Giessen,Hanau and frakfurt.You now need a pass to enter the magical PX kingdom.The paperwork has to be gotten from a SSO office in Germany then once it's been signed by an orofice from the HQ you have to go to Giessen to get the pass its self.It's a picture pass that lasts for as long as you are in germany and it's the only way into the bases.A lot of aggro just to go shopping!
  4. I think theres a PX at rheindahlen i may be wrong, i was told on an overnight stop there so didnt get a look aboutor sample the schnellie :(
    of the subject the NAFFI's meant to be good

  5. HAHAHAHAHA - You comedian!!!!
  6. Can back that up from Spud930. you need to fill in an Application for USAREUR/USAFE Instalation Pass duly signed by the SSO and then phone the PX where you are going (Giessen, Hanua, Wurzberg or Garmisch) to make an apointment to get the pass. Which can only be done on weekdays, in other words your f**ked!
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Oh Bollocks !

    Unless any Septic Arrsers can lend a hand all that extra dosh is going to have to be used on gyros & yellow handbags.
  8. Cuts,

    what is it you need or want - I might be able to help out!

  9. Is it possible to get access to a US PX or Commissary as a guest?
  10. When I was stationed at RAF Sculthorpe in the early 80's you had to be on orders to use Exchange or commissary facilities anywhere in theater.

    Retirees, those active forces on leave from CONUS or other theater were all prohibited from using them.
  11. I got a px pass, currently in Holland but can only use px in Germany, work that one out - cant use the px 5mins up the road from me in the Netherlands - septics just arn't real - right about the thumb print and full facial hahahahaha
  12. You will get into the BX in JHQ Rheindahlen on the strength of an ID card (if they bother to check) but will not get any alcohol/tobacco without a ration card. Be warned, it is miniscule but does have a fair range of the usual desirable goodies: Gerbers/Leathermen, golf clubs, tv/hifi/computers, chinos, septic fodder, cheap dog food…

    I can also backup others comments that without a current base-pass, issued by a US pass office in Germany, you will not get past the gates of the other PXs.
  13. Don't forget the Hot Dog wagon outside the front!!!!

    MMMMmmmmmm Chilli Dog................
  14. It is possible to be signed in by a pass holder (IACS type as described above), as long as they have a passport. Each pass holder can usually sign in 4 people.

    Info correct as at Sept 06.