US pushes UK troops for year long tours

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Britain, US differ on Afghan mission Published: Tuesday, 19 February, 2008, 01:34 AM Doha Time

    By Kim Sengupta
    Camp Bastion, HELMAND: Britain and the US are at loggerheads over key aspects of their strategy against the Taliban, in fresh evidence of discord over the future of Nato's troubled mission in Afghanistan.
    Washington wants a permanent command in the south of the country, where the fiercest fighting is taking place, instead of the current policy of rotating the post between contributing countries. The US has also asked for the length of time troops from other countries serve in Afghanistan to be significantly raised to match the lengthy American period of deployment.
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  2. after reading the article i didnt see any reason why we should go along with in what my mind in a flawed method 6 months is hard enough 12 months 15, we wouldnt have a army left.
  3. Why are they so concerned over the length of another nation's tours, provided the positions are filled?

    Are the yank troops whinging and their hierarchy don't know how to deal with it?

  4. What he said!

    Given that the manning remains, it's up to us to administrate it, not USA.

    Wouldn't want to be an American soldier these days.
  5. If they can't even get their own Marine Corps to do year-long tours (USMC units do 7-month tours), how do they think the Brits will react?

    Article tells how when the US Army extended some tours in Iraq from 12 to 15/16 months the Marines refused to extend any of their units' tours to the same length.
  6. While you chose to feed the usual hunger for American bashing on Arrse, you left out the fact the Gates was also calling out the rest of NATO match the resolve of Britain, Australia, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands.

    There's no doubt that longer tours help get the 'lay of the land'; you know your territory and the locals much better.

    But I agree with most of you, these are volunteer armies and this isn't a national struggle like WWII. You can't sustain these length of tours forever and maintain the force.

    It's a double-edged sword.

    Longer tours, Afghan solution bring peace: U.S. troops

    And after years of lecturing here on Arrse about Brit expertise in NI and counter-insurgency the US has gotten it right.

  7. Depends on the context - the lads taking rounds day in day out should stick with 6 monthers - but Formation HQs should do longer I think and this is probably what the spams are driving at here.
  8. I percieve that the desire to extend tours is purely tactical, and applies chielfy to officers.
  9. Think this idea is going to be a non starter.
  10. I remember working with a US colonel who had done 15 months in A-stan. He was exhausted, but he could point to long term trust building and work done - unlike our own policy whereby every 6 months we reinvent the wheel, then spend 2 months getting up to speed and a month winding down. I'd suggest we only get 3 fully effective months out of a 6 month tour when the unit is a known quantity with the locals, knows the area and has got trust to a level where it can work with the people. 9 months is apparently the optimal time, but we'd never go to it.
  11. No to more than 6 months!

    Sorry but could not be parted from my partner for that long when he deploys again nor me in the future!
  12. Can we go accompanied? I know many a pad wife who could sort them out!
  13. Tell them to f*ck off and mind their own business
  14. Don't see many reasons why a composite HQ could not do longer than a specific Bde HQ.

    Based on a specific Bde HQ being in Afg now, it might be possible to replace people after say 2,3 & 4 months with people posted in for 12 months. Can't see many people being happy about touring for that long though & for that reason its probably a non-starter.
  15. No doubt the Government and the MoD will pander to the USA's wishes.
    I can think of some good reasons to increase tour lengths but I can also think of a lot more bad reasons.

    Tours are more or less 9 months as it is if you include all of the time spent away at various locations doing Pre Deployment Training/Ranges/Optag etc.

    There will be a few single lads who would do 12 month tours but as for the married soldiers the long haired generals (wives) would be up in arms, literally! :D