US 'Psy-Ops' Teams in New Prisoner Abuse Shock!


As if the recent pictures of Cpl Lynndie England strutting her stuff and abusing prisoners in Baghdad were not bad enough, shocking new 'Psy-Ops' footage has been leaked to this source.

After a damning and top-level report in Washington - which criticised the US chain of command root and branch -, prisoners will no longer be made to lie in the 'spoons' position naked next to fifteen other blokes, be made to wear women's knickers on their head whilst being hand-cuffed to bed-frames, be paraded naked round the cell blocks or 'wired-up' to dead batteries with hoods over their heads.....

No - Langley had to come up with something far more subtle yet devastatingly effective.....

All new suspect insurgent detainees in Iraq will now be shown the following footage:

Human Rights bodies are already up in arms and Amnesty International has lodged formal complaints at both the UN and the US State Dept.

More when I have it.... :wink:
I was going to delete this awful thread, but NO! i thought some need to be told the amount of sick people in this world... so it stays

but it did make my stomach wrench!!

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