US protester planning march in Washington with loaded rifles.

Discussion in 'US' started by Bravo_Bravo, May 6, 2013.

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  1. That sounds...oddly familiar.... hmmm
  2. I can see this being like an open air Waco - with a bit of luck.
  3. The bloke's name and the situation are close enough!
  4. Strange, here a libertarian is a mildly stroppy chutney ferret, or a rabid penis biting lezzer, over there it's a manic gun toting anarchist **** wit......nothing divides two nations like a shared language eh!

    He wants a confrontation on a bridge eh.....mmmhhhhh, that should go well, as it did for Publius Horatius Cocles, if you want the shit to hit your fan always pick a fight on a bridge!
  5. If I was the US Government I would set up a few guy with a machine gun on the bridge, shooting at a temporary range on the other side. They are welcome to march across the bridge but unfortunately there is a military exercise ongoing and it may be dangerous.
  6. Your confusing liberal with libertarian.

    The fisrt type are sandal wearing beardy ***** who think they know what's good for all of us and want to impose it on all of us.

    The second type want to be free of the first type or the nanny state in any form and want freedom to do as they please, as long as it doesn't encroach on the freedoms of others. If what they do displease others, so ******* what? So they want to be armed, and free, to live as they please, marry whoever and how many they want etc;

    I like your bridge analogy. It reminds me of another civil rights march onto a Bridge in Ulster, Burntollet Bridge which became the flashpoint for 30 years of low level civil war.
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  7. No I'm not and that would be first cousins and closer in Virginia, would it not?
  8. I think Liberals and Libertarians were the same thing a couple of hundred years ago, but split over the role of government.

    The Libertarians' stated desire to be 'free' sounds all cuddly but in reality they want a society that runs on jungle rules, which of course is just fine for a tiny group of apex predators and pretty shite for everyone else.
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  9. The right to bear arms and the right to march with them against your nation's capital are two very different issues, as history has shown time and time again. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and this wanna be American Watt Tyler will be getting his I'm sure!

    Popcorn, beer........bring it!
  10. I can see this turning into him and his three closest friends turning up and being arrested within one minute of getting out of the car.

    His idea that 1,000 people will turn up is barking. The open carry rallies in States where open carry is legal have attracted those kind of numbers but the whole point of them was to show that they are law abiding citizens who can be trusted to own firearms. Trying to march in a city where open carry is illegal is so self-defeating that very few people are going to want to get involved.

    I would almost put money on it he will find a reason to cancel this once he realises that no-one else is coming.
  11. Cool, I hope the TV stations film it in HD and high speed camera's
  12. To my knowledge, there has been no violence or really any illegal behavior (by the protestors at least--some who wish to silence them have been violent) by such groups, including the various "tea parties" around the US even when weapons are lawfully present. Those of you who appear so incredulous (or worse) need to remember that whether you "like" it or not, at least for now in the US, citizens have the personal right to keep and bear arms subject ONLY to reasonable government regulation (such as regulation (not total prohibition) of machine guns and certain no-gun zones such as government buildings).

    The ones I have personally attended (BTW, how many of those critically posting here and elsewhere have actually been present at any of the gatherings that they so readily deride?) have been wholly civil and peaceful, including the most recent one I attended with my holstered handgun and my shoulder slung M97 Trench shotgun at my state capitol. I had several pleasant conversations with the heavily armed state troopers in attendance to "control" the crowd if needed who without exception remarked how polite and effective the demonstrators were.

    Rather, and largely unreported (compared ot the coverage like Salon, a publication that I hasten to add is not known for its ideo-political "balance"), such violence and uncivil behavior is the province of anarchists and progressivists (the several "occupy" demonstrations for example with defecation on police cars, rape of protestors by other protestors, destruction of public and private property--the one in my nearby city Atlanta literally destroyed the small park where they gathered to the point it had to be rebuilt).

    I also hasten to add that I am not a "libertarian" of the sort that this fellow appears to be as there are some aspects of such an ideology I agree with but others that I am strongly against (legalization of drugs for example). Full blown libertarianism, just like progressivism, is based on a notion that the individual (or groups of individuals like our government) is inherently moral and law-abiding whereas i believe we live in a fallen world where most of humanity if given the chance (without reasonable government structure, sense of community, the controlling societal "glue" of family etc.) will go in a negative direction. Just look at any large scale breakdown of "society (legitimate government, stable communities and families etc.), even widespread power outages as have occurred in the US, and how long it takes for the looters and other criminals to hit the streets.
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  13. [​IMG] mean Jim Bob, Billy "Bubba" Bob and Sue Ellen Bob!
  14. Yep, that's right. All firearms owners and open carry protestors are hillbillies. Just like the media tried to tell everyone this guy was

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