US presidential nuclear codes 'lost for months'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CivvyPete, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. That's what happens when you entrust someone who has his brains in his trousers, the wherewithall to bring armaggedon down upon this planet.
  2. Given the president involved, hardly surprising
  3. Rather embarrassing - so glad they weren't needed during that time!

    Now that it has happened once - what does protocol dictate should they find themselves in the same situation again with a Democrat as President? Is there a naughty corner in the Oval office (hahaha).
  4. Not sure about a naughty corner but Bill found a place for the Arkansas trouser snake to do naughty things.
  5. Ok on reading this again, it got me thinking...we thought we had problems when laptops with top secret info were left on trains/taxis. This puts that into perspective. How are the Presidential nuclear codes kept...are they in paper form kept in a briefcase, locked and handcuffed to an aide? Or are they on a laptop in a case, locked and handcuffed to an aide? Why would they be out of the box so to speak and on the President's person?
  6. That'll be why they want to extradite Gary McKinnon. In case they lose them again.
  7. Good to know they take their WMDs seriously :roll:
  8. An nice quiet gent with a suitcase chained to his wrist normally caries the "football" well thats what Tom Clancy called it in his books.
  9. Listening to the ever-reliable today programme this morning they said that Clinton used to keep the code for the actual briefcase written on a sheet of paper. Said sheet of paper was then attached to his credit card with a rubber band and went in his wallet.

    It does make you wonder why the Soviets would bother with a counterforce strategy during the cold war...
  10. Thanks TS for the enlightenment. I've seen the film aswell, just wondered if that was the case. Does beg the question why the President would want to see and have the "football" about his person (when there was no need to extract it from the suitcase). But I'm guessing it's a "big car, big dick" type scenerio...Monica must have been impressed!
  11. Did you say you read the article twice? And still managed to miss this sentence: ;)
  12. Ahem I hang my head in shame...missed that completely! Now back feeling refreshed after traipsing round North Wales.

    Still leaves more questions than answers though...