US President David Petraeus 2012??

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Devil_Dog, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Seems like the general is a big fish in a small pond if this rag is to be believed.
  2. If "Colin", yes it's colin powell, did'nt do it as a succsessful leader, doubt this guy has a chance.

    Then i've been wrong before....well sometimes...actually quite a ....ok all the time! :wink:
  3. Considering his moral "ineptitude" and his failure to go vocal publicly about the war, Colin was never really a successful leader.

    Granted he was a soldier first whose loyalties were to his commander-in-chief. Being Secretary of State he had a responsibilty, nay, a duty to speak out his conscience and resign if he had to.

    We as humans are so afraid of failure. So much so, we forfeit our right to success.
  4. Petraeus is the stool pidgeon. He won't have a prayer by 2012.
  5. What I recall about Powell is that he was double-bumped from Maj-General to full General by, I think, Reagan or Bush the first to become the Chairman JCS. While holding that office Gulf War 1 started and he was a) against the deployment, b) against the invasion and c) against going to Baghdad. He followed his orders however, and carried out the mission given to him. (Norman Schwarzkopf had both good and bad things to say about Powell in his memoirs, and then the stories of their arguments came out after the war.)

    As the victorious CJCS he was seen as a draft choice by both parties in '92 but declined to run due to his wife's ill health. Schwarzkopf stayed out of politics after he retired and the people of the US still love him. Powell got back in and quickly got sucked into the 'WMD in Irag' morass. He will be remembered as the Secretary of State who went to the UN and lied, and not as one of the architects of victory in GW 1.

  6. Petraeus has been put into a horrible situation. He's a soldier, and he's been given a task, and he's being up front and honest about what it will take to do said task. The margin for success in Iraq is slim, but it's still there, and as long as it is, he'll fight for it.

    However, Americans are no longer interested in what happens to Iraq (not that many ever were). Petraeus was ignored in 2003 when he gave unwanted input on the way things were being mishandled, and now he's being used as a dart board for all to vent at for the mistakes made by Bremmer and the rest of the CPA.

    Therefor, I don't see any sort of office in his future
  7. Rumour control has it that the book was written by mid-late 2005, but Powell's sitting on it until Bush has left the White House.

    Should be quite an interesting read... 8)
  8. Doubt he would make it, But still a possible chance, you knever know.
  9. Actually I do not think Gen Powell was double bumped from MG to GEN. He was a 3* as National Security Advisor and became a 4* when he was given command of FORSCOM and was not FORSCOM long when he became Chairman JCS.

    As to a double bump, You might be thinking of Alexander Haig who IIRC, went from MG to Gen when he went from Kissinger's staff to Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, before he returned to the Whie House as White House Chief of Staff. This happened sometime between 1970 and 1974.

    As to Petraeus, I suspect his low profile over the past few months may due more to the radiation treatments for his cancer than policy or politics. As he was being treated at Walter Reed in DC and CENTCOM is in Tampa, FL I would presume there was some commuting involved.