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US-positive news put here.


Russians help USA to develop fuel-cell technologies that will boost American energy security.

Russian investment firm Interros and Norilsk Nickel, one of the world's largest producers of nickel and palladium, plan to make a $217 million cash investment in Plug Power Inc., a developer of fuel-cell systems.
Such big investments is a recognition of leading role of American scientists and technologists in this area. I hope that the Russians could help American friends. Maybe our contribution is modest on this stage but the cooperation will be very productive no doubt. It is an excellent opportinity for Russian scientists and future benefits will be mutual.
Sergey, as Russia is a major oil exporter, the replacement of oil with alternative energy sources will be anything but beneficial for the Russian economy.
AndyPipkin said:
Sergey, as Russia is a major oil exporter, the replacement of oil with alternative energy sources will be anything but beneficial for the Russian economy.

Chinese, Indian and Brazilian fast growing economies are oil-thirsty. So no one expert predicts problems with realisation of oil on World market in the near future. But oil reserves will run out later or sooner. So we must think about more distant future. In this context the step made by Russian business (btw, blessed by mr.Putin) is absolutely right.

The US trade deficit fell back in February as its politically sensitive trade gap with China shrank to the lowest level in nearly a year.
The Commerce Department said the trade deficit - the difference between what the US exports and imports - had narrowed by 4.1% to $65.7bn (£37.6bn).
'Positive news'

Analysts had expected weaker consumer demand and lower oil prices in February to cut the trade deficit by $1bn from January's record high of $68.6bn, but it ended up falling by almost $3bn.

U.S. communications satellite launched on the back of a Ukrainian carrier rocket has sent back its first signals to a receiver in Australia, the launch-operating company said Thursday.

Sea Launch Company said the Zenit-3SL rocket had lifted off at 11:30 p.m. GMT from the Odyssey Launch Platform in the Pacific Ocean, and that the rocket's upper stage had put the JCSAT-9 satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit.
Sea Launch was created in 1995 as a consortium including Boeing, Norway's Kvaerner Group, Russian space corporation Energia, and Ukraine's Yuzhnoye design bureau and Yuzhmash production association.
Btw, a cousin of my wife (he is Ukrainian citizen) works on Yuzhmash plant.

I think that this project is an exellent example of international cooperation in area that was previously strictly military. Thanks for our American friends for their profound contribution.

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