Us poncho liners

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stormtrooper2006, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. Considering getting one but though i should do a bit of research so thoughts, opinions ,pros and cons please.
  2. Love my Wubby

    I had 12 at one time as supply kept handing them out. Took 2 laid on top of each other and sewed it together, and used another to line a rain jacket. They come in Woodland and now ACU as well. Probably Multicam before next year

    NSN: 8405-01-547-2559
  3. Use mine as an underblanket for my hammock in chilly weather, lovely.

    I knew someone who had a zip put around his so that he could also use it as a lightweight doss bag.
  4. They also come in MARPAT. Cracking bit of kit for when you are on a course or even on a summer tour.
  5. Got mine in Brit DPM from USMC PRO
  6. Yank Blankets are for winners, very useful for all sorts, from impromtu kip at an airport to a bit of al fresco knee trembling with the long haired General. Take mine everywhere
  7. Seriously good kit all year round, adding a zip makes an awesome emergency doss bag.

    Available in German Flecktarn and Troppentarn for that Waffen SS look.
  8. They're good and well worth buying, no matter what cam pattern (mine's in 'Flectarn'!)
  9. Wel its clearly worth its salt then anyone know any where in NI the would stick a zip on it ?
  10. I like them and would buy one again but then i think i have a jungle bag its a poncho liner with a zip.
  11. Yeah, if you want a lightweight sleeping bag, just use an issue jungle bag. No point in buying a poncho liner and sewing a zip on.

    Poncho liners are very useful themselves though. I have one and would recommend them to anyone. Pack down very small so you can always get your head down with a bit of comfort wherever you end up.

    Try to find a genuine US one though, not a cheap chinese version. Think the new US ones are made with polartec insulation, so they're warmer than cheap polyester versions.
  12. Mentions everything except the type of fibre; Poncho Liners USD$60 for a poncho liner, seems a bit steep...

    Edit; Woobie $137! Jesus!
  13. Not to mention puka-gen ones are ally
  14. Try tailors in bkl
  15. Kifaru is always expensive as hell.