US Politicians Divided on Reinforcing Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. Note the curious "logic" of Sen. Levin that he uses to support the "dleiberative Process" now delaying a deciision regarding the pending request from Gen. McChrystal. Naturally he relies on the evil Bush as precedent. It would hav been nice if the reporter had asked if the conditions were the same in the 2 situations to justify such a comparison. While US and allied troops continue to die, we continue to play politics.

  2. Tragically, eight American soldiers are killed in an outpost in Nuristan. And we are told that the "realignment" will go ahead regardless and the troops pulled out. Afghan locals who wondered how long they will be protected by coalition troops have their answer, a few weeks. So, Taliban takeover territory formerly overseen by the coalition.

    Obama's indecision is doing terrible damage to the probability of a successful outcome in Afghanistan. Given the choice of a fleeting occupation and a long term Taliban presence, we are giving Afghans no choice but to side with the Taliban, (for fear of reprisals). And those brave troops who were killed yesterday, will have died in vain.
  3. Again, much of these dynamics are not at all new--the same occurred in Vietnam as the US "Vietnamized" the war and it became clear that siding with the South was a losing proposition.