US politican with unfortunate name in sex scandal for sending pics of his...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Virgil, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. ...well his real name is Anthony Weiner (assuming the same slang usage as American English).

    He has been a very naughty boy. Scandal comes complete with days of denial then admittance & an embarrassed wife (seen below standing next to another formerly embarrassed wife).


    BBC News - US Congressman Anthony Weiner sent underpants photo

    US Congressman Anthony Weiner sent underpants photo

    New York congressman Anthony Weiner has admitted sending a close-up picture of his crotch to a young woman, but says he will not resign.
    The Democratic representative also acknowledged "inappropriate" communications with women online.
    Mr Weiner had initially said his Twitter account had been hacked when a photo of a man's crotch in grey underpants was sent from it last week.
    On Monday he admitted this was not true, saying that he had "panicked"
  2. Weiners a Putz, a Schmuck, earlier this year he demanded a GOP congressman resign for sending shirtless pics to women on craigslist but he is not going to resign himself.
  3. Hypocritical behavior by a politician, how shocking.

    So many politicians are lying sleazy scum. Why should sexual misbehavior surprise us. Weiner's idol Bill Clinton made a campaign pledge to stamp out sexism in the federal workplace and gets caught having sex with a 21 year old intern. The head of the IMF forces a hotel maid to have oral sex.......It goes on and on.

    In my little corner of the US a state senator, Jim Marzilli was very Green, very left, very very pro-woman's issues, the chair of the Democratic Socialists group, endorsed by all the major women's groups ......Until the day he was arrested for a frenzy of sexual propositioning and attempting to sexually assault women who were total strangers. He checked himself into a very posh mental hospital and claimed a problem with his medications. Happily the judge was not buying excuses and he did do a small amount (three months) of jail time. He now has a facebook page holding himself out as an expert on public policy and politics.

    As to Weiner, I suspect he will be a toasted weiner soon.
  4. All this hot on the heels of the Governator's marital blow-up, but nothing beats the "where is our governor" crisis of South Carolina. Both wives there made the right decision I think; moving out promptly.

    He claims he's going to hang on, perhaps his underwear has a high asbestos content.
  5. And of course there is the Governor of New Jersey, married with kids who resigned after he "came out" after it was disclosed that he was having an affair with a man he had appointed as Homeland Security director for the state. Interestingly enough former governor McGreevey is now studying to be an Anglican priest while teaching ethics at a university in NJ.
  6. Yawwnnnnnnnnn!!!!
  7. You Euros, all so worldly and jaded.
  8. Yes.... yes we are. We have had dead MP's found with an orange in the mouth and other stuff in other orafices, An MP who ate a rent boys shit a fat repugnant bolemic shagging his mistress over a desk and don't get me started on Jeffery Archer.
  9. Start on Jonathan Aitken instead.

    For our US friends, Aitken was a British MP with a sideline as gofer for Saudi princelings, who ran a pimping operation for their benefit, dipped his crust in the gravy over various arms deals, was part of a telecoms scam so outrageously corrupt that even the House of Saud was shocked. He was a Churchwarden in hos local Parish, but had a fondness for whores and bondage, he launched a perjurious libel action and even conspired with his own daughter to pervert the course of justice, recruiting her to commit perjury for him.

    Then in prison had a miraculous conversion to Christ (again) and now appears, shameless as ever, offering his opinions on prison reform.

    Sorry chaps, but your lot in the US are amateurs compared to Aitken.
  10. Something quite "British" about that, dusty in here....! :)
  11. Good lord I believe we 'mericans have just been--as they say stateside--'schooled'.
  12. Ah. Aitkin and the pork sword of truth.

    Carn't help thinking what Bill Hicks would have made of Wiener though.
  13. With the number of porn stars and nude programmes on American TV and culture, does this actually make any difference?
  14. Is Hilary wiping herself down in that top pic? That cheeky little grin suggests a recent close encounter with manfat.