US policy-makers ignored Iraqi input


US-led occupiers paid little attention to Iraqi opinion when drafting future policies for the country, a study by a US-based human rights group shows.

"The first thing the report brings out is the importance of consulting with Iraqis," Hanny Megally, of the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) said.

The survey of Iraqi attitudes towards transitional justice, released on Wednesday, indicates these have often been out of step with policies pursued by US administrator in Iraq Paul Bremer.

The survey examined the attitudes of 395 people, drawn from a broad spectrum of the Iraqi population, through interviews and focus groups in July and August last year.

"The big problem we have seen in the last year has been the United States going it alone, consulting with a limited number of Iraqis, mostly their friends and advisers, many of whom came from outside," Megally said, referring to former Iraqi exiles.
This does not surprise me in the slightest. However, I'm a true sceptic/cynic and statistics/polls can show what ever you want them to show.

Just ask this present encumbent government and the suitably massaged NHS figures :evil:

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