US police shoot suspect on cliff ledge with non-lethal round

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Telecomsgeek, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. US police shoot suspect on cliff ledge with non-lethal round. Surprisingly suspect falls off cliff and dies.

    porn star shot off cliff

    Alledgedly he was about to jump.
  2. Snigger snigger.
  3. Hill, whose screen name was Steve Driver, was accused of attacking colleagues with a samurai sword that the production house used as a prop.

    A prop for what? Snuff films?
  4. Pure class :lol:
  5. There's so much in this story - I hope someone is going to make a film. Title? The Swordsman?

  6. FFS standing around in the sun for 8 hours without a burger van in sight?

    Surprised they waited so long. No great loss
  7. Not really a non-lethal round then was it :D
  8. ...only in the US.
  9. Well they're hardly going to scrape him up, take him to Canada and do it again are they?
  10. So the Hills aren't alive then?
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    That may have been said in jest but it's not beyond the bounds of credibility that a copper decided the suspect was 'no great loss.'
    I know several in the UK that believe they have the right to make that decision too, and this includes instructors.
  12. non lethal round :twisted:

    particularly ham fisted
  13. So he fell on his "sword" then. :lol:
  14. They had video footage of this taken from the bottom of the cliff on the news last night before they knew he was dead.

    To me it looked like he made a decision to jump / slide down the cliff as he didn't think it was as steep / high as it was and he misjudged it.

    The locals think he jumped too - KTLA Story
  15. Targets will fall when hit.